Meet the Copeland Center Staff!

BeaJae North, Executive Director Western Region

BeaJae North is the National Director of the Mentoring Program. BeaJae, comes to us from Conscious Educators Inc and is based in California. She has been using, living, and sharing the power of WRAP as an Advanced Level Facilitator for almost two decades. Her mentoring work is based on the power of communication and her belief that in the right environment with the right actions, people have the power to find the answers within themselves. When mentoring, BeaJae asks herself, “How do I be kind and gentle? Where is my empathy?” which allows those she is supporting to gain the confidence to approach their work and lives in a kinder and more respectful way. BeaJae will be working with WRAP Facilitators as well as organizations whose interpersonal relations and bottom line can benefit from her positive, practical, and nurturing approach to wellness. BeaJae has been a highly-valued consultant with the Copeland Center for years. Now that she has joined the organization as a full-time colleague, the reach of the Copeland Center’s ability to support and mentor WRAP practitioners and others is unlimited. BeaJae can provide organizational wellness consultation, facilitator mentoring, consultation on WRAP implementation, and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator mentoring.


Matthew Federici, Chief Executive Officer 

Matthew R.  Federici, MS is the Executive Director of the Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery. Matthew came to the Copeland Center in 2010 from the Institute for Recovery & Community Integration where he served as Program Director to create systems transformation through the implementation of a certified peer specialist training program across Pennsylvania. Matthew is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and consultant on recovery, wellness, community inclusion and peer support.  He has served on the board of directors for the International Association of Peer Support and the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery.  In 2015, he was awarded by San Diego County, the National "This Person" award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the hope and wellness of people in recovery.  Matthew has provided keynote presentations, training programs, and webinars on recovery, community inclusion, and peer support in over 45 different states in the US as well as in Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. Matthew is an Advance Level Mental Health Recovery Educator and WRAP Facilitator through the Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery. Matthew’s personal and professional journey in wellness and recovery includes involvement as a family member and a mental health consumer advocate for over 20 years. He has also been involved in promoting Psychiatric Advance Directives through local, state, and national consumer and provider conferences and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. He received his BA from Alvernia University in Psychology and Communications and MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from Rutgers University. He was awarded Distinguished Advocate Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services in 2002 and the Exemplary Practice Award in 2007 from the Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA Board of Directors.

Lala Doost, Western Region Projects Coordinator 

Lala is the Western Region Projects Coordinator for the Copeland Center. Lala started her journey in the wellness-oriented workspace over 15 years ago in Oakland, CA, and has since continued working with many non-profit, peer-run, or peer-focused agencies in California, and other states, that are focused on providing support and resources to community members wanting to enhance their wellness. Lala continues to collaborate with agencies to provide workshops that promote the exploration of approaches to staying well in various environments, including at work. Lala enjoys exploring new techniques and ideas in wellness and being able to share them with others. To support her personal wellness Lala loves to travel, spend time with loved ones, attend community events, and stop to smell the flowers. Lala is a trained Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and International WRAP Mentor.


Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson, Chief Operations Officier 

Katie Wilson comes to the Copeland Center after working with Mary Ellen Copeland on a number of special projects – most notably, Mental Health Recovery’s online presence on, facebook groups, e-newsletters, webinars and Over the past decade Katie has worked to guide systems and organizational leaders to implement the evidenced based practice of WRAP as well help tailor wellness and recovery programs using the Copeland Center's network of trained educators for their organizational recovery events and services.   Katie has worked for Marlboro College’s MBA program in Managing for Sustainability, the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, and the AmeriCorps*VISTA for Vermont Campus Compact. Katie received her BA from Bennington College and her master’s degree from New York University’s Center for Global Affairs where she studied international human rights. During her time with the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Katie worked with staff from other philanthropies on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

She’s an avid reader of non-fiction and fan of public radio particularly of This American Life, Radio Lab, Marketplace, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. View Katie’s Linkedin Profile

Jane Winterling

Jane Winterling, Vermont WRAP Education Coordinator

Jane Winterling is Director of the Vermont Recovery Education Project for the Copeland Center. Previously, she served as Grant & Education Director for Vermont Psychiatric Survivors and as a consultant to Vermont Blueprint for Health Project. Jane is one of the original group of people responsible for the idea and development of WRAP.  For this reason she has the ability to bring a unique knowledge of WRAP and the history of its development that is inspiring and allows others to share in the amazing journey of how WRAP began, the people who influenced it and helped to deepen our understanding of what it means to be well thus making WRAP what it is today.

Jane has experienced both sides of the mental health system and is a strong advocate for both peers and professionals and the need to be able to reach out to each other to change things in ways that benefit us all. It was while working at a local mental health agency that she met and began talking to Mary Ellen Copeland about ways to create what became the structure of WRAP and how that structure might allow us to “make it work” in our lives.  Jane has aslo developed and offers our newest Copeland Center training, the WE Training.  WE statnds for Wellness Engagement and is a new course for those seeking to provide 1:1 and group peer support that enhances our engagement in creating a wellness lifestyle and keeps us engaged in creating self-direced structure and plans to stay well! 

Eric Larson

Eric Larson, Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitator

Eric Larson has worked on his recovery for over 20 years. His expertise stems from understanding the collective state of his humanity on his own recovery path from emotional torrent, type 1 Diabetes and hearing voices.  Eric works with the Copeland Center facilitating Online WRAP Workshops. Honing his empathetic abilities and structuring caring communities is his passion.  Eric plays his music in his projects Midnight Garden, Wounding of the Bright, and self-publishes his poetry. Some of his main wellness tools besides WRAP and music also include the 12 steps, meditation, cats and reading.


Vivian NunezVivian Nuñez, Support Services and Multicultural Coordinator

Vivian was born & raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts 34 years ago. She graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart in Santurce, PR with a bachelor’s in Social Work, a Minor in Advanced Psychology, and a 2nd Minor in Medical Sciences. After a long career as a mental health, trauma & addiction counselor/program director, she moved away from her provider role to become a Certified Peer Specialist in the state of Massachusetts; a Certified Older Adult Peer Specialist, a medical interpreter/translator/editor, a national WRAP® Seminar III Advanced Level Facilitator, a Hearing Voices support group facilitator and Recovery Coach. During the past 15 years, she had used her lived experience and bi-lingual abilities (Spanish & English) to provide “peer support” to individuals with diverse recovery challenges to find “Wellness within their Recovery ''.




Kyneta Lee, National Director of the Peer Support Training and TA Center

Kyneta Lee is a dynamic African American educator, local community leader, and Certified Peer Specialist out of Willington, Delaware who has been a member and partner with the Copeland Center for several years bringing our programs to her community.  She lives with her WRAP Co-Facilitator husband and daughter; a true WRAP family.  Kyneta has worked in the field of Peer Support since 2013. During her time in this field, she witnessed the power of Peer Support to make a monumental difference in the lives of those living with mental health and substance use disorders. Kyneta strongly believes in the innate resilience of people and firmly believes everyone can recover and live-in wellness.  Because of this, she diligently works toward providing programs and opportunities to help people find their path to wellness and recovery.  A tool that has been instrumental in her work is the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).





Rachelle Weiss, Online Learning Development Director

Rachelle Weiss, MS, has been a peer worker/supervisor/advocate for over 20 years.  In 1995, following the closure of a state hospital she was recruited to be the director of a local Consumer Satisfaction Team.  She was the first consumer program director in her region and one of the first mental health workers in her area who spoke openly about her personal mental health challenges.  Rachelle was instrumental in bringing recovery education and reform to her local and state mental health systems.  She has extensive public speaking and training experience and brings a sense of humor to even the most sensitive subjects as humor is her most powerful wellness tool.  Her belief in the importance for peer support, education and employment as foundations for recovery have been reflected in her work and in her life.



ryan tempesco

  Ryan Tempesco, National Training Coordinator 

  Ryan Tempesco, CPS and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, is a transgender individual who has found peace and wellness     through community support, connection and understanding. He is currently the Program Support Coordinator for Doors to     Wellbeing National Consumer Technical Assistance Center. He is an advocate for wellness, as well as equal rights in his community, and always brings optimism with him wherever he goes. Ryan brings his experience as a board member of a     consumer-operated organization in VA, VOCAL, and in co-chairing the organizing committee of Alternatives 2018.


Amey DettmerAmey Dettmer, Program Manager,  Doors to Wellbeing

In 2011, Amey Dettmer graduated from a Peer Specialist Certification Training in Pennsylvania. Since certification Amey has worked as a Certified Peer Support Specialist in community based settings, residential settings, and as a peer support supervisor. In 2016, she started working with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery providing peer support and wellness recovery education nationally. At the Copeland Center she is currently the Program Manager of the SAMHSA-funded National Consumer Technical Assistance Center; Doors to Wellbeing. Amey’s work focuses specifically on peer specialists, youth leadership development, peer-led recovery education, and Psychiatric Advance Directives. In December 2018, her devoted efforts resulted in recognition by the National Association of Peer Supporters (N.A.P.S.) as she received the  “Disruptive Innovator Award” highlighting her work in youth peer leadership and honoring her as a young adult who has made a significant transformative contribution to the field of Peer Support through leadership, programming, and activism. Amey previously served as a N.A.P.S. Board Member supporting a mission of growing access to peer support.  When Amey is not busy pursuing her passion for peer support, she enjoys spending time in nature, and with her pets and children.


Gina Calhoun

Gina Calhoun, Advanced Level Wellness Facilitator 


Gina is an Advanced Level Wellness Facilitator that provides training and technical assistance with the Copeland Center.   She is a wife, sister, friend, fitness enthusiast, and a person with mental health challenges.   
She has over 30 years of experience in mental health services, first as a participant and now as a peer professional.  When Gina is not promoting wellness and recovery, she enjoys adult gymnastics and spending time with her large dynamic family.
Gina won the Timothy J. Coakley National Behavioral Health Leadership Award. This award honors peer and family leaders in the behavioral health field whose work is characterized by the highest degree of integrity and a passion for creative approaches for improving the lives of persons living with mental health challenges, especially in the public sector.


Elaine Stiles

Elaine Stiles, Fiscal and Administrative Services Director

Elaine Stiles has been with The Copeland Center for over 10 years. She has previously worked in the non-profit sector with other organizations in administrative and financial positions. She brings experience from the for-profit sector as well, having owned a home-based business and worked in the culinary arts. Cooking and gardening are some of her favorite wellness tools, as well as spending as much time as she can with her large extended family.


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