Leadership and Technical Assistance

The Copeland Center works with diverse facilitators from around the world and across the life span.  This gives us the unique ability to meet various needs by tailoring workshops, coaching and consultations to help you reach your transformation goals.  The Copeland Center offers technical assistance in creating and maintaining wellness and recovery programs through in-person visits, telephone consultations and webinars. Topics include:

  • Taking Action for Whole Health and Wellbeing,
  • Community Inclusion
  • Leading Through Wellbeing,
  • Workplace Wellness,
  • Healing Trauma,
  • Peer Support,
  • Psychiatric Advanced Directives,
  • Youth Empowerment and Peer Support  
  • many more topics to fit your needs.

The Copeland Center welcomes all inquiries for providing workshops, seminars, speakers or consultations in your area. Please contact us to discuss options or call 802-254-5335. We can create technical assistance packages to fit most budgets. 

Leadership Development

The Copeland Center partners with leaders to share experiential ways to enhance and increase your leadership skills.

Peer Leadership and Learnership Collaborative

Peer Leadership and Learnership Collaborative

Leadership can be a journey, a choice, and a source of empowering relationships rather than a destination, position, or static concept.   This dynamic online workshop will be a 5-session facilitated experience of conversations, storying telling, mutual learning, and self-discovery focused on the possibilities of leadership.  We will discuss leadership not as a universal definition but as interchangeable, multifaceted, and interwoven with our culture, identity, and personal power. 

Leading Through Wellbeing

Leading Through Wellbeing

We live in a world where collective trauma is as common as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Over the course of the last 3 years, we have been subjected to a global pandemic the effects of which are still unknown and the damage it has inflicted on our ability to engage with others and our psychological safety will be felt for many years. Recent SHRM reports demonstrated that loneliness and disconnection are significantly on the rise in the workplace. A lack of a wellness culture is costing companies nearly a half a billion globally every year.

Leading through well-being and wellness is designed to enhance our understanding of the aspects of trauma and the process of its healing in the workplace while also providing another lens to examine one’s ability to lead from a perspective of well-being.

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"This work is so important because companies and teams are not only looking for ways to communicate, function and collaborate in healthy ways, but are seeking to find a manner of team building that allows people to be cohesive in an individual way."

-Jim Lonie, Project Coordinator
The Consumer/Survivor Development Project
A program of Hope Grey Bruce Mental Health and Addictions Services

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