Hawaii Training Group 2023

Peer Supported Community Inclusion

We use a 3-step approach including a core 3-day Community Inclusion and Peer Support course. A key focal point of implementation is the support, development and training of the peer support workforce.  With the increasing awareness of the positive relationship between self-directed community participation, recovery and quality of life, we have developed this peer support certification course as a vehicle to develop and define critical roles and responsibilities for the peer support workforce to support the recovery and increased community participation for individuals receiving services in the public mental health system.

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The Copeland Center partners with Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion to translate cutting edge research to trainings and programs so that people who are struggling can get the highest quality services and supports. 

Crystal Brinkley

"Earlier on in my recovery I always had an unrealistic benchmark of wellness being that I would eventually return to a level of activity and participation commensurate with what I was used to prior to significant health changes.  Some of this was self-imposed, however it was reinforced by mental health practitioners, and sometimes even by family, other peer consumers, as well.  I wish I had been offered a very different approach earlier on and felt more supported to engage in the domains that supported my wellness as opposed to forcing myself to maintain the expectations or standards that some former relationships or religious communities imposed."

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