Community Inclusion Peer Facilitator Certification


This certificate program is designed with participation in a 1.5 hour webinar followed by three day, in-person experiential workshop and followed up with a certification knowledge assessment and mentoring/technical assistance via video conferencing. The Copeland Center works in partnership with Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion to combine the lived experience of people in recovery with innovative research projects, intervention development, and communicating the importance of community inclusion and participation in everyone's life The 3-day experiential course is designed to build on the information presented in the introductory webinar and to further prepare certified peer specialists to promote and increase community inclusion and wellness for the primary benefit of people receiving public mental health services. Participants of the 3-day training will also receive a Community Inclusion Peer Facilitator Toolkit. In addition to the learning objectives outlined for the webinar, participants in the 3-day course will be able to: 1) utilize tools for identifying, addressing and improving policy and organizational changes to improve community inclusion outcomes;2) apply 1:1 facilitation skills in supporting a peer in recovery to increase their role and meaning in the community of their choosing; 3) expand their community connections and supportive networks to promote community wellness.  The final component in the certification process is the offering of time-limited technical support via teleconference to those who complete the certification program. This technical assistance will be provided in partnership between the Temple University Collaborative and the Copeland Center. Certification graduates will receive two group telephone technical assistance calls at 2 months and 4 months post completion to get assistance and feedback on their work within their agency and/or within the community with persons in recovery. Training Facilitators The webinar and the 3-day training will be co-facilitated by Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery Community Inclusion Peer Facilitator Trainers.