Meet the Team: Kyneta Lee

Kyneta LeeKyneta Lee, National Director of the Peer Support Training and TA Center

Kyneta Lee is a dynamic African American educator, local community leader, and Certified Peer Specialist out of Willington, Delaware who has been a member and partner with the Copeland Center for several years bringing our programs to her community.  She lives with her Co-Facilitator husband and daughter; a true wellness family.  Kyneta has worked in the field of Peer Support since 2013. During her time in this field, she witnessed the power of Peer Support to make a monumental difference in the lives of those living with mental health and substance use disorders. Kyneta strongly believes in the innate resilience of people and firmly believes everyone can recover and live-in wellness.  Because of this, she diligently works toward providing programs and opportunities to help people find their path to wellness and recovery.  Tools that has been instrumental in her work is peer support and wellness planning.