Meet the Team: Amethyst Lee

Amethyst LeeAmethyst Lee, Peer Empowerment Specialist

Amethyst Lee has been part of the grassroots movement of peer support since the age of 16. Early on, Amethyst became empowered to take personal responsibility for her wellness and recovery when she learned about action planning at a workshop.  As she applied the principles she learned to her life, she began to support family and friends by sharing what she learned. Amethyst continued this work into high school when she began working with Youth and Family Services and other young people to create the first youth and young adult Peer Support program in DE.  As a senior at the University of Delaware, Amethyst continued to support the peer workforce and advocate for people with lived experiences in Delaware while working at the Mental Health Association of Delaware. Recently, she became the Peer Empowerment Specialist at the Copeland Center for Wellness and recovery where she continues to advocate through education, providing Certified Peer Specialist Training and the youth empowerment workshop Peer Generation. While facilitating these growth and exploration opportunities, Amethyst has worked hard to create safe spaces to converse about mental health, wellness and personal identity.

Throughout her experiences and conversations with people in the field, one thing has remained true: Everyone wishes they had access to peer support earlier in their lives. While it is never too late to start the journey to recovery and wellness, she now aims to create safe spaces for youth, young adults, parents and allies to acknowledge and address the needs of youth today. An ally to all with lived experience, Amethyst aims to create more spaces for productive collaborative conversations around mental health, substance use, and trauma.

Amethyst enjoys a life filled with art and creativity. She is a talented sculptor, illustrator, and writer. She enjoys playing her guitar and saxophone. Amethyst also has a passion for plants, with a collection of over 20 plants. In addition, she is the proud mom to two rescued cats, Bean and Raj.