Meet the Board: Patti Bitney-Starke, Treasurer

Patti Bitney-StarkePatti Bitney Starke is the Director of Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Employment Services at Kaposia. In addition, she is the Director of the Kaposia International WRAP Center of Excellence. She has accumulated over 30 years of experience as an advocate for mental health recovery and wellness within a multitude of agencies and organizations, reaching out to adults with mental health challenges, transitional youth and Veterans and military family members. Under her development and leadership, Kaposia, Inc. has received the distinction of becoming an International WRAP Center of Excellence (one of three within the USA).

Patti earned her undergraduate degree in special education, her master’s degree reading and her PhD-ABD in curriculum from the University of Wisconsin. Patti is a licensed teacher, reading specialist, and curriculum specialist. She is an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and is certified as an emotional CPR facilitator. She additionally serves as an Executive Board Director on the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, on the Hero Care Advisory Council for Veterans seeking mental health recovery and wellness services and supports beyond the VA, and is a member of APSE, among other affiliations.

As a 25-year resident of Minnesota, Patti is privileged to be a wife of a Veteran, mother of 4 children, and she enjoys quilting, cooking and discovering vintage treasures in antique stores and thrift shops.