Accomplishments in 2023

2023 Accomplishments

Through a small team of dedicated peers, the Copeland Center works to create change in our systems of care and for participants.

Here are some highlights of our work in 2023:

  • 35,000+ people received high quality experiential recovery and wellness education and support.
  • Focus on Youth Mental Health - the Copeland Center offered peer workshops in high schools and on college campuses. Produced a paper on the state of peer support in colleges today. The biggest accomplishment is that we hosted 500 person online conference by youth for youth that had incredible programming!
  • 225+ collaborating organizations - the Copeland Center partnered with organizations big and small to promote wellness.
  • 50% of those served identify as BIPOC* - Diversity, equity, and inclusion in action!
  • 44,000 visitors to the Peer Specialist Database - the Copeland Center hosts the most comprehensive database about peer certification in the US.

We look forward to doing even more in 2024! Our mission and our values keep us motivated to provide the best quality experiential education with experts by experience. Check out our team here. Check out our board of directors here.


*BIPOC - Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; self reporting in order to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy, and advanced racial justice.