Wellness Engagement Training (WE Training)

WE Training is a self-directed structure for people who want to work one on one or to educate and support constituents to implement support groups. It is ideal for peer support specialists, people who support someone facing a challenge and anyone who wants to enhance their ability to empower others to activate planning in their lives. In this training, participants learn skills that can take peer work deeper to encourage others to take practical steps for their own wellness.

Lived experience opens the door for us, but it's our relationship skills that create change in people's lives. WE training translates the values and ethics of peer support toward working collaboratively, creating healthy relationships, and identifying starting points for exploring wellness and action planning. You will learn techniques to engage people to recognize their own abilities and their power to plan for themselves. Additionally, this training can assist with the challenge of engaging people in their own wellness.

Topics Covered:

  • Healthy Relationships as a way to understand healthy boundaries.
  •  Understanding the concept of structure as a tool to support someone to create self-directed plans when one's life is in chaos - Plans within Plans.
  • Tools to create self-sustaining peer support groups with shared power relationships.
  • How to use language as a doorway to connection and a way to get started on the pathway to recovery.
  • How to engage others in Crisis Planning after a difficult challenge.
  •  Tools to more deeply understand personal wellness and how to develop actions steps as a process of maintaining a well peer workforce

This course is for up to 25 participants. Tuition per participant is $500 or $10,000 for non-profit groups or government agencies. Please contact Katie Wilson, Director of Operations, for more information.