Taking Action for Community Responders

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The Copeland Center announces a new course for increasing wellness for community responders, Taking Action for Community Responders.  This 1 day course for designed for community members and community service workers that are often the first contact for people in significant health distress.  The course focused on an introductory education for any community members about the value and role of self-care, peer support and action planning in our first responses to our community members in distress. Through this course participants will be able to: 1.   Describe the concepts, research and evidence for the value of peer support to our health and wellness.2.  Identify a planned structure and concepts for self-care and self-management that anyone can apply to get well and work through a crisis.3.  Apply action plans to stay well while supporting people through a health crisis.4.  Identify next steps for improving our ability to take action for health and wellness in our communities. This course includes experienced trainers, materials, certificates, and membership to the Copeland Center for 1-year.   To engage this training for your organization, please contact Katie Wilson.