Talking With Intention: Effective Communication and Purposeful Self-Disclosure

This online course is designed for peer specialists and peer workers to examine effective communication strategies. Communication is at the core of all of our relationships. As a peer supporter it is critical to know what we are saying AND WHAT WE ARE HEARING is done in an effective, compassionate and respectful way. Are we communicating what we want to communicate. Are we giving others the space to listen. Are we using self-disclosure in a positive manner. We will also look at the special place a peer worker holds in an agency how we can best represent ourselves. We will also look at how the special concerns accompanying online communication.

Learning Objectives:  

Through participation in this course we will:

  • Review a variety methods for communicating our message accurately, respectfully and with compassion.
  • Examine the skills needed for self-disclosure both as a listener and a speaker
  • Review the special role a peer specialist might be tasked with in an agency and what special interpersonal skills might be needed.
  • Explore the power of listening and the power of silence
  • Review what specials accommodations might be needed for online communication (e.g., emails, texts, Zoom)

Time: Live online sessions will be 6 total hours.

Requirements:  Participants need access to computers with internet access and video capabilities.  Reading materials, online discussions, questions and life work assignments will be required throughout this course. The online sessions need to be secured so arriving on-time is critical.  Full participation is required for the full certificate at the end of the course.