Wellbeing Mentors Course - San Juan Bautista, CA

Training type:

Training date: Sunday, April 28 - Friday, May 3, 2024 (Arrival afternoon Sunday, April 28, 2024)
Location: St. Francis Retreat Center, 549 Mission Vineyard Rd, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
Tuition: $2300 - The tuition includes training, materials, lodging and meals from dinner Sunday to lunch Friday. (Check in on Sunday, April 28 and check out on Friday, May 3, 2024).

Certified Wellbeing Mentorship Course
This certificate course is co-facilitated solely by the Copeland Center team of international co-facilitators with several years of experience in the facilitation, consulting, and mentoring of others in wellness programming. Participants will build on, enhance and advance their experience as Copeland Center Co-Facilitators using various educational curricula to conduct Copeland Center train-the-trainer courses and 1:1 mentorship in their community or agency. Certification requires demonstration of prior co-facilitation experience via submission of evaluations, successful completion of a knowledge assessment, and mentoring. This workshop is for individuals seeking to advance their skills, knowledge, and practices in promoting wellness, peer support, and community inclusion. The course includes how to train co-facilitators in the new Taking Action for Whole Health and Wellbeing curriculum based on SAMHSA recovery materials.
Applicants shall have significant prior experience in co-facilitating groups following the values and ethics, and process a strong knowledge based on wellness, recovery, peer support, and community inclusion.  

The Learning Objectives of this course will ensure that participants: 
1.    Acquire advanced knowledge and skills in various evidence-based experiential strategies to co-facilitate wellness, recovery, and peer support education for individual and organizational wellbeing 
2.    Apply skills to train co-facilitators and mentor individuals in advanced co-facilitation approaches
3.    Train co-facilitators to implement the Taking Action for Whole Health and Wellbeing course 
4.    Identify and describe the values, ethics, standards, and guidelines to implement evidence-based and experiential-based peer-to-peer wellness programs 
5.    Develop skills to mentor and lead teams and organizations to create workplace wellness.