Member Event: Utilizing Wellness Tools to Boost Self Esteem

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In this interactive workshop we will explore our strengths and gifts and take part in exercises that build our Self Esteem. We will identify Wellness Tools that will boost our self esteem and support us to Take Action for our Whole Health and Wellbeing. Self Esteem is based on our view and relationship with ourselves. It is based on the degree in which we value ourselves which may change over time. Self Esteem is essential to our self care plan and plays a significant role in our ability to act upon other wellbeing concepts.

Through this workshop we will:
1. Define what Self Esteem means
2. Explore the importance of Self Esteem in supporting us in Taking Action for Whole Health and Wellbeing
3. Identify at least 3 Wellness Tools to boost our Self Esteem


Tuition: $35.00 for non-members. Free for members!

I f you are a Copeland Center member, you should have received a promotional code to enroll for free. If you need that resent to you, please email Amethyst Lee, Peer Empowerment Specialist, [email protected]