The Power of Wellness Tools

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By Carol Bailey Floyd

I clearly remember in 2002, taking my first wellness workshop. When we got to the part about Wellness Tools, I was thrilled because I realized that for my whole life, I had done fun things when I was feeling good, and NOT done them when I was feeling low. The idea of Wellness Tools was a wonderful revelation to me because I realized that I could assign them to myself during both great and tough times! When I am not in the mood to do Wellness Tools is usually when I need them the most. The energy of WellnessTools is healing and they are at the very heart of wellbeing.

One time, I was facilitating a workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio and the participants came up with 132 Wellness Tools for the easel pad sheets! They had so much fun yelling them out that I knew they were going to absorb in a wholehearted way. That very day was the day I became a collector of Wellness Tools. I figure the more you have to choose from, the more likely you are to use them regularly.

There are different kinds of Wellness Tools. They can all be used effectively in Action Plans. Some are a little goofy, others are very reliable, and some can be shared with other people. Over the years, I have also heard of Power Wellness Tools. These are tools that are very reliable and full of power. They are the ones you KNOW will be useful. My top three Power Wellness Tools are:

Walking: Taking a walk always lifts my spirits. If I have something on my mind, I walk with intention, and mull over the situation as I am walking. When I have a problem that needs a lot of attention, I take a small pad of paper and a pen to write down any helpful ideas I get. I have never taken a walk that did not benefit me in some positive way.

Journaling: I have been journaling since 1992 and have found it to be an amazing resource for problem solving, comforting, documenting, celebrating, coming up with alternatives, and overall relaxation. I got the idea of a journaling style called “morning pages” from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. She recommends writing three pages spontaneously every morning. Julia suggests that morning is a good time to clear your mind for the day ahead. You can also journal at any time that suits your routine. Writing spontaneously is a great way to have a written conversation with yourself. You have spent every day of your life with in your own company, so you are the most qualified expert on the very essence of you in the Universe! Because of that, you can give yourself some

Zentangle: In 2008, I attended the Alternatives Conference in Buffalo, N.Y. I took a workshop on Zentangle and was hooked immediately. It is a repetitive form of pattern making that almost always creates beautiful images. As a form of meditation, it takes you to a place of peace and calm quickly. Easy to learn, it proves without a doubt that we are ALL creative and can accomplish Zentangle artwork with very little training. In 2009, I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher and have taught Zentangle all over the country – even at another Alternatives Conference! Anyone who can hold a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon can learn how to do Zentangle. My youngest student was 3 years old, and he was the best in the class! Zentangle is very satisfying and soothing. You can find more information at

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