R.E.A.C.H. (Resilience, Education, Action, Community, Health: REACH) Your Pathway to Meaningful Activity is an interactive online peer group training designed by peers for peers with the goal to utilize the Copeland Center Group approach to inspire participants to bring meaningful activity into their lives. Recognizing that world and life events have contributed to both isolation and inactivity, REACH through a series of interactive group sessions, worksheets, outside activities, and written assignments, will provide a guide to create an environment for participants get moving – moving to bring meaningful activity into one’s life as participants become increasingly vital members of the community.

REACH is comprised of 12 weekly sessions using online video conferencing and through the use of guided discussion and activity assignments.  The course is designed to support individuals with significant health challenges due in part to a sedentary lifestyle.  They will be asked to self-assess their activity patterns and develop individualized plans for sustaining meaningful activity in their lives.  REACH will further explore the relationship between activity, meaningful activity, and connecting/re-connecting with the community.

Through this course, participants will:

  • Define “meaningful activity” and evaluate how it does and can show up in one’s life.
  • Utilize reflection and self-analysis tools to evaluate activity patterns.
  • Identify personal changes to activity patterns to support health and recovery 
  • Describe and define factors that disengage and engage us in meaningful activity 
  • Create goals for longer-term meaningful activity incorporation in one’s everyday life.
  • Develop individualized action plans to address challenges and sustain meaningful activity and whole-person wellness.

The Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery partners with Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion to translate concepts, research and tools on community inclusion into practical approaches for peer support facilitators to promote increased community participation.

R.E.A.C.H. (Resilience, Education, Action, Community, Health) is a product of the ongoing partnership between The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion and Integration. Utilizing the extensive work of the Temple University Collaborative and developed through the lens of the Copeland Center approach to peer/group work REACH services to inspire and create an environment for empowerment and the incorporation of meaningful activity.