Is there a state-endorsed certification process?
Does the state differentiate between Mental Health Peer Support Specialists and Substance Use Peer Support Specialists?
Peer Recovery Support Specialists are trained in substance use recovery. Peer Support Specialists are trained to support mental health recovery.
What are the educational requirements to apply for a peer specialist training program?
High school diploma or GED
What are the personal requirements to apply for a peer specialist training program?
Must be age 18 or older. Must have two or more years of lived experience, having personally received services within the behavioral health system.
What are the professional requirements needed to apply for a peer specialist training program?
What are the training requirements to become a Certified Peer Specialist?
The approved training for Arkansas peer support specialists is the Appalachian Model of Peer Specialist Training Curriculum.
What is the average cost for CPS training?
Who is responsible for paying for training? (List all)
Other potential funding sources.
Is there a state-wide certification test?
What are the personal/professional requirements for certification, if they differ from attending the training?
Must work at a Behavioral Health Agency and the Behavioral Health Agency must be Medicaid-certified. The agency must then ""attest"" that the applicant has completed training as a Qualified Behavioral Health Provider and provide the name, physical address and Medicaid number for all sites at which the applicant will be providing services. And Must Valid Arkansas driver's license/identification card.
Is a background check required? If so, is a criminal record a disqualification for certification?
According to Arkansas Code, a background check IS required. Additionally, a participant providing services cannot be subject to the DHS Participant Exclusion Rule. Legislation passed in 2019 under the title ""AR H 1433"" states that the Department of Human Services shall not disqualify or exclude an individual from participation in the Arkansas Medicaid Program based on a criminal background check if: (1) The individual is employed as a peer support specialist or other similar position; (2) The individual obtains certification in peer recovery by the Arkansas Substance Abuse Certification Board; (3) The certification was obtained after the commission of a criminal offense; (4) The criminal offense does not involve violence or a sexual act; and (5) The certification process includes due process for appealing a decision based upon a disqualifying charge in the criminal background check.
What is the cost of the certification test?
No fee identified.
Does the certification test need to be taken regularly to maintain certification?

Aside from any fees for the training or state-wide certification test, are there other certification fees/costs?
Is there a statewide certification body?
Yes. Certification is provided by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services through the Division of Aging, Adult and Behavioral Health Services (DAABHS).
Please provide as much information about the certification board/body as possible.
The Department of Human Services Division of Aging, Adult and Behavioral Health Services Mental Health Services 4800 W. 7th Street Little Rock, AR 72205 [email protected]
Where can information be found for upcoming peer support trainings?
The MidSOUTH Training Academy UALR website.
On average, how often are trainings held in your state?

Training providers (vendors) and their contact information.
MidSOUTH Training Academy School of Social Work University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2801 South University Ave. Little Rock, AR 72204 Phone: (501)296-1920 Fax: (501)296-1927 Email: [email protected]
What are the continuing education requirements?
8 hours (annually) of specialized training related to the type of support services being delivered
Who tracks CEUs?
Individual or agency, as documentation should be provided to the Arkansas Department of Human Services with re-certification.
Is there a certification requirement for CPS Supervisors? If yes, provide details of requirements and relevant information.
There is no certification requirement for supervisors. Individuals supervising CPS must have a license in good standing with the State of Arkansas to provide clinical behavioral health care, and follow the DBHS Behavioral Health Care Agency certification manual for Medicaid providers.
Additional specializations available for certified peer specialists:

What are the different acronyms used to distinguish peer supporters and specific peer support specialties?
Peer Support Specialist Youth Support Specialist Family Support Partner
Are Certified Peer Specialists services Medicaid reimbursable?
How are peer support services paid for by the state? What specific Medicaid waivers are used, if any?

Is digital peer support available? Medicaid reimbursable?

Is there a statewide Peer Specialist organization?

Name of Statewide Peer Specialists Organization*

Are there conferences held in the state specifically for Peer Supporters?
From Past to Purpose' Arkansas' 1st Annual Region 6 Peer Recovery Conference was held September 2019.
Are there recognition or award opportunities for peer support specialists or Substance Use Peer Support Specialists?

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