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Staying Connected with the Copeland Center Community

We invite you to become a member of the Copeland Center.  In addition to becoming an active member of our Wellness & Recovery Community, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of informative, educational and fun wellness activities. 

Particularly in the last 3 years since the emergence of COVID-19, mental health is at the point of being a national emergency, one that affects historically marginalized groups even more deeply because of generational trauma. People are often faced with the question about what to do if a loved one is suffering - the Copeland Center offers an alternative approach to the broken health system, one that provides training on peer support and community rather than isolation and institutionalization. During our 17-year history, the Copeland Center has built a nationwide network of over 30,000 individuals with lived experience with mental health and other life challenges who are participating in a grassroots peer support movement.

Recent Examples:

  • Providing peer support training in High Schools for students and faculty to strengthen youth resilience and decrease suicides.
  • Providing peer support groups in Spanish through a peer-run organization
  • Providing technical assistance to New York City to get an evidence-based peer support group facilitated intervention into both peer-run organizations and more traditional services
  • Consulting with organizations in Alameda County, CA to provide training and technical assistance on evidence-based peer support programs with culturally relevant facilitators
  • Working with the a Department of Corrections to offer enhanced peer services and training opportunities to incarcerated individuals
  • Collaborating with local partners to provide training to African American youth scholars

The Copeland Center engages strategically in partnerships to be able to create the biggest impact in culturally relevant mental health. 

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  • Scholarships for members in select trainings
  • Q&A sessions with Matthew Federici, BeaJae North, Jane Winterling, Gina Calhoun, Kyneta Lee, Lala Doost, and other prominent Advanced Level Facilitators and supporters

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For individuals wishing to support the Copeland Center at a higher financial level and provide reliable support for Copeland Center programs. These generous individuals invest annually in the Copeland Center with a gift of $500 to $1000, ensuring the highest quality training and technical assistance for organizations around the world and supporting the Copeland Center's ability to continue to meet the needs of our community.

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  • Individual membership PLUS
  • Members only Q&A quarterly meetings focusing on creating recovery-oriented organizations, being an agent of change and systems thinking

Key Supporter Member - $2750 (good for 2 years)

  • Systems Change Organizational Membership PLUS
  • 50 WRAP Facilitators[1] listed in the WRAP Facilitator Registry for up to 2 years

[1] WRAP Facilitators must have been trained by a Copeland Center-trained Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. If they were trained more than 2 years ago, they must be up to date on Refresher credits.


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