Values & Ethics for Group Facilitators

In order to do mental health wellness and recovery work, it is essential to understand and support the following values and ethics.  

The Copeland Center certificate that qualifies a quality Co-Facilitator, is an explicit agreement to uphold a clear set of values and ethics. If the values and ethics are not demonstrated, practiced, and explicitly accepted by a Copeland Center Co-Facilitator that individual is not representing the standards of the Copeland Center. Review, practice, refresh, and self-evaluate these values and ethics regularly.

Copeland Center Co-Facilitators agree to uphold the following values:

    Honor everyone

    Hold all individuals in high regard and support all participation

    Co-facilitate individual learning through shared experiences

    Co-facilitate a focus on a mutual learning model, where people work together and learning outcomes are self-determined

    Co-facilitate group equality and community inclusion

    Co-facilitate a sense of hope and empowerment

    Accept people as they are for their unique contributions

    Co-facilitate a focus on participant’s strengths and capabilities 

    Validate individuals’ experiences and support the dignity of risk

    We are each an expert on ourselves and have multiple paths to wellness

    Co-facilitate a focus on what is working in our lives

    Co-facilitate choices and options

    Our knowledge is always changing, and expanding through our mutual sharing


The Copeland Center Co-Facilitators Wellness and Recovery Assurance: We will facilitate educational programs that hold wellness and recovery as:

  Achievable for anyone;

  Inclusive of any philosophy, lifestyle, and therapy we chose;

  Based on self-determination and,

   Supportive to anyone to Take Action to work toward their wellness and achieve any life goals the person chooses



"We must work to make sure that every person knows that they can get through even the hardest of times, and come out on the other side, and that the system can provide the tools so that can happen.  We must work to make sure that every person has access to this knowledge and to these services without stigma—young and old, rich and poor."
-Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD
November 9, 2011        Barre, Vermont