“Recovery and WRAP have changed my life.”

“I’ve gone from being totally disabled to being able to live a full and rich life. I am so grateful.”

“Everything has improved at our organization. People are recovering and moving forward with their lives. Our work is so much more fulfilling.”

“Finally, something I can do to help myself.”

“I used to spend months, even years, in the hospital. Now I have a bad afternoon or a bad day. And it’s all because I use WRAP.”

“WRAP for me is about personal responsibility. I can just let my “symptoms” take over my life. Or I can take personal responsibility, use my WRAP, and do what I need to do to take care of myself and feel better.”

“In the years that I have been using WRAP, everything has changed in my life. I used to spend all my time just sitting around, watching TV and smoking. Now I hardly ever watch TV, I’ve given up smoking, I’ve gone back to school and I have a real job. And I have a wonderful partner. I never thought life could be this good.”

“This has changed my life completely. I used to think of myself as this “mentally ill” person. Now I am a person who knows how to take care of myself and help myself in difficult times. If I am feeling badly or having a hard time, I take action. And there are so many simple, safe things I can do.”

“When I was feeling badly I used to call the doctor or call the hotline. Now I check my list of Wellness Tools and do something I really enjoy. Usually it's call a friend to go for a walk, go to a movie, watch a video or just talk.”

“The word crisis has a different meaning for me now. I used to think it was a crisis when I felt really anxious and upset. I thought I needed to go into the hospital or get my medications increased. Now a crisis is when everything is so bad I need others to take over for me. And I don’t have them anymore, because now I know how to take care of myself.”

"WRAP is inspirational, educational and geared toward wellness.  Facilitators are evidenced based witnesses coming forth to present the greatest opportunity carry hope out to people.  Mary Ellen Copeland, thank you for planting the seed to all active facilitators that carry the mission to people."