Online WRAP Facilitator Renewal Course

WRAP Facilitation is a training program developed and implemented by the Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery based on ongoing consultation with Mary Ellen Copeland, her associates, Mental Health Recovery and WRAP facilitators and people with a lived experience in recovery. In order to improve skills and stay informed regarding effective approaches to WRAP Facilitation continued learning is imperative. It is a best practice for WRAP Facilitators attend a Refresher Course at least once every two year in order to stay up to date on developments. Recommended for WRAP Facilitators to enhance knowledge and skills with WRAP and to get updates on implementing WRAP as an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).

Course Description: The WRAP Refresher Course is an online course facilitated by a Copeland Center Advanced Level Facilitator, to sharpen and expand facilitation skills to further engage groups in the Wellness Recovery Action Planning. WRAP Facilitators will participate in 7 online seminars and complete assignments in between.

Through attendance in this course WRAP Facilitators will:

1)    Recognize expanded options on how to give effective group introductions.

2)    Identify additional knowledge areas, values and ethics of WRAP.

3)    Apply at least one new skill to sharpen and expand group facilitation skills.

4)    Develop new and creative approaches to facilitation to accommodate participant challenges and differing group needs.

Gain important Refresher credit without the added expense of traveling or taking days off from work and away from home.

Topics Covered include:



-Creating a safe learning environment

-Effective introductions

-Translating the values and ethics of WRAP into practical applications

-Methods of evaluation


-Values and ethics of fun and creative expressions

-Developing ideas

-Bringing creativity to WRAP Presentations

-Comprehensive practice

-Continuing education needs

-WRAP for WRAP Facilitators

-Addressing participant expectations

Who should take this course? WRAP Facilitators who need Refresher Credit. It is a best practice for WRAP Facilitators to take a Refresher at least once every two years to maintain active status.

Benefits: Those who participate in this training will receive a certificate for completing this 24-hour training. In addition, WRAP Facilitators will be given complimentary 2-year listing in the WRAP Facilitators Registry.

How does it work? Participants will log onto a gotomeeting during meeting times and participate in the online sessions lead by Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators. In between the online sessions participants will complete assignments and prepare for the next class. Students will enjoy access to an online learning space where they can post comments, upload assignments, access the syllabus, and see announcements.

Technical needs: For meetings, you need is access to a computer with microphone and speakers and the internet. Attendees can join from a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Alternatively, you may always call in. Access to video camera is a great plus.  You will need access to a computer and the internet to complete assignments between online sessions and to access the online learning community. 

Information on gotomeeting's technical requirement.