Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Refresher

Certified Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators number more than 500 individuals, a community dedicated to expand, unite, and strengthen the Copeland Center's mission to promote the Values and Ethics of WRAP® for everyone. It is recommended that Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators attend a Refresher Course at least once every two years in order to stay up to date on developments and best practices.

Course Description: The Copeland Center Refresher Course for Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators is an interactive course that sharpens and expands facilitation skills for training WRAP® Facilitators- facilitators that will ensure the continued availability of WRAP®, the Key Concepts, and a core set of Values and Ethics to whomever it might benefit. It is run by a select group of Copeland Center Facilitators/Mentors who are experienced in facilitating groups. These Facilitators/Mentors work closely with the Center's current findings and effective facilitation approaches through partnership with the Executive Director and Mary Ellen Copeland.

Learning Objectives:

*    Use learned techniques in the strengths-focused feedback process of the WRAP® Facilitator Course based on the principals of Mental Health Recovery and WRAP® Values and Ethics
*    Clearly describe the current 5-day structure of WRAP® Facilitator Training, based on the Evidence-Based Practice
*    Describe the Values & Ethics and what has been learned about applying them in the role of an Advance Level WRAP® Facilitator
*    Practice how to facilitate the 4 Practice Elements of the WRAP® Facilitator Training and discuss the goals of each.
The training covers 5 main topics:
  1. Group Agreement
  2. Values & Ethics
  3. Overview of 5-Day WRAP® Facilitator Certification Course
  4. Strengths Based Feedback
  5. Practice Elements for WRAP® Facilitator Training

I feel like this training has propelled me into a whole new phase of my journey (and it is definitely strengths-based!)