WRAP and Healing from Trauma

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Event Date: 
Wed, 02/05/2014 - 4:00pm to Sat, 02/08/2014 - 12:00pm
Kenyon Retreat Center
Tumacacori, AZ 85640
United States
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One of the most significant difficulties people who have experienced traumatic events is a deep loss of personal power. Frequently, we find ourselves with coping strategies that only compound the trauma and are left with a profound sense of hopelessness that we are doomed to live out a life that moves from one traumatic experience after another. Many of us have found new and creative ways to address these issues using WRAP.

The richness of what is to come during this retreat all of you will play a vital part to the whole of the experience. There will be a variety of learning styles and prior experience with some of the content in the course however; everyone will have equal values to the overall experience. Each person is essential to be both student and teacher in this retreat. You will see people participating in many different ways and all styles and needs will be supported. We are excited to be facilitating this retreat to be a collective learning experience!

How Can You Benefit From This Retreat:

This retreat will lead you to begin a healing journey that will:

  • Highlight how the emotional, physical and sexual experiences in your life may have areas in need of healing.
  • Help you understand if your current distressing feelings are ways of trying to cope with trauma
  • Introduce you to effective strategies to replace old strategies that have been destructive
  • Discover and connect you with past experiences, feelings and insights
  • Develop a sense of connection to explore mutual relationships that foster healing from trauma

How Do I Know If I Am Ready?

The decision about whether a person should do this work and when they should begin their journey of healing from trauma is up to the person and no one else. You MUST be in charge of your own healing process no matter where you are in that journey. You will know if you are ready to begin this journey if:

  • You really want to do it
  • You feel inside yourself (intuitively) that it is the right thing to do
  • You are tired of living with the effects of trauma – low self-esteem, fear, panic attacks, flashbacks, unsuccessful relationships etc…
  • You want to work on relationships in your life that are based on healing and supporting one another.
This three days course is for all interested but offers refresher credit for WRAP Facilitators and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators (refresher credit may include correspondence work pre post training). 

Schedule for the Retreat
2/5 - arrive at noon
2/6 - meet for interactive sessions all day and evening
2/7 - meet for interactive sessions all day and evening
2/8 - have lunch, depart by 1pm, arrive at the airport by 2pm
The Copeland Center will be arranging transportation from the airport for an additional fee for those flying in who do not want to rent a car.