Webinar: Controversial Wellness Tools

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Thu, 05/01/2014 - 2:00pm
United States

Wellness Tools are things we do to keep ourselves well, and the things we do to help ourselves feel better when we are not feeling well. Most of them are simple, safe, free and non-invasive.

In WRAP groups and when writing our own plan, Wellness Tools are usually one of the first things that we work on. We may have discovered them ourselves or learned about them directly from others. When facilitating Wellness Tools we often find people disagree over some “controversial” wellness tools. Should people list them in their WRAP plans? Should they be written up on the easel pad to share with others? What do we do as a WRAP Facilitator when controversial wellness tools come up? How do we explain controversial wellness tools in our groups, to our boss, or our system?

Gina Calhoun, Director of Recovery Education, and Joch Woodruff, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, for the Copeland Center will discuss their perspectives on the subject of controversial wellness tools that are guided by the values and ethics of WRAP. Sign up for this thought-provoking members-only webinar where multiple perspectives will shed light on differences and similarities.