SOS - "My Self Help" is not working... What could I do now? - Online Course - Oct 2021

Session Details

Event Date: 
Thu, 10/14/2021 - 11:00am

Course Dates: Thursday and Friday - October 14 & 15 from 11am-2pm ET/10am-1pm CT/9am-12pm MT/8am-11am PT

Tuition: $180.00

Self-help is a practice or tool that is unique to you.

We could use self-help tools for an extended period of time, however, at times these tools or practices stop working. For instance, when we do not feel safe to share with other peers in the field in fear that they will become aware that we are struggling with the challenge that ‘things are breaking down’… Or our current support network is so limited in size and whomever is available to us could be unaware on how to provide us with effective support…


In this two-session (6 hr) class we will explore the following objectives:

  1. Define ‘SELF-HELP’ and explore if it is different from ‘SELF-CARE.’
  2. Acknowledge our own interpretation of self-help and how this impacts our inclination to practice it ourselves.
  3. Learn to recognize the signs that alert us that our self-help practices or tools are no longer working.
  4. Understand why self-help practices could stop working for us.
  5. Identify new alternatives to support our self-help practices.
  6. Using an ‘initiative-taking or pro-active’ approach to create options for new avenues of extended support for our self-help practices. For example:
  • Your clinical service provider
  • Your community allies
  • Proper use of evidence-based self-help tools
  • Learning from the ‘collective wisdom’


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