Self-Esteem, Self-Advocacy, and Advocating for Others

If we don’t believe in ourselves, it only follows that we don’t believe we deserve things. Advocacy, whether for ourselves or others, must start with an unshakable belief in our cause and our undeniable right to go after what we want and what we need. It’s easy to overlook “self-esteem,” when we think of advocacy, but if we are not confident in ourselves, in how we present ourselves and what we deserve, we are sabotaging ourselves before we begin.

This workshop will follow the path from self-confidence to presentation to the nuts and bolts strategies needed for successful advocacy. We explore the question, how can we best advocate for ourselves when we don't feel good about ourselves? How can we increase our self-esteem? How can we take lessons learned from advocating for ourselves and bring them to supporting others? This experiential course will cover activities to improve self-esteem, strategies for self-advocacy, and lessons we can learn by advocating for others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Name at least 3 activities for increasing self-esteem
  • Identify the the necessary self-esteem qualities to effectively speak for yourself and others.
  • List steps to self-advocacy
  • Assess personal strengths that support successful advocacy
  • Review and plan powerful advocacy/self-advocacy strategies

6-hour certificate of participation available for this course.

Requirements: Participants need access to computers with internet access and video capabilities. Reading materials, online discussions, questions and life work assignments will be required throughout this course. The online sessions need to be secured so arriving on-time is critical. Full participation is required for the full certificate at the end of the course.


Required Live Sessions:

Dates: Monday, May 6 & Tuesday, May 7

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm ET/8:00-11:00am CT/7:00-10:00am MT/6:00-9:00am PT

For Supporters in UK/EU - 2:00-5:00pm GMT

If you need to be invoiced for the training or pay by check, please email: [email protected]

If you have questions about the content or other anything else, please email: [email protected]