Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training Westfield, MA

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Event Date: 
Mon, 04/07/2014 - 8:00am to Fri, 04/11/2014 - 5:00pm
Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center
53 Mill Street
Westfield, MA 01085
United States


If you are interested in applying to a future training, please visit Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator in Middletown, CA on May 5-9, 2014

Tuition, meals, and accommodations (April 6-11, 5 nights): $1950
Tuition (commuter including lunch): $1500

The Advanced Level Training is all about how to train and prepare WRAP® Facilitators. It is a workshop for experienced facilitators with an in-depth knowledge and thorough mastery of both WRAP and facilitation skills. Certified Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators go out into their communities knowing that they possess the skills and knowledge to train others to do this work faithfully and in a manner that is consistent with the work of Mary Ellen Copeland.

The five day intensive workshop goes through all the skills, values and ethics needed to offer WRAP® Facilitator Trainings. The training is run by a select group of Copeland Center Facilitators who are very experienced in training WRAP Facilitators, facilitating groups and work closely with the Center’s current findings and effective facilitation approaches through partnership with the Executive Director and Mary Ellen Copeland. The workshop requires successful completion of a number of practicum exercises and a knowledge assessment. Completion of the course is not a guarantee of becoming an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. The Copeland Center staff will provide specific feedback and work with participants until they are prepared.

The qualities that the Copeland Center is looking for in Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator Applicants are:

  • Experience- Applicants have completed a minimum of 5 independent WRAP groups, Mental Health Recovery and WRAP presentations, and/or supported individuals in writing their own WRAP
  • Growth as a facilitator as demonstrated through evaluations.
  • Motivation- Applicants are highly-motivated
  • Committed to the 5-Key concepts- Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self-Advocacy, and Support
  • Dynamic presentation and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to the ethics and values of WRAP
  • Have a thorough knowledge of all parts of Mental Health Recovery and WRAP

To apply, you are asked to submit an online application. Please prepare you materials before beginning the application.

The online application asks for:

  • Biographical information
  • Training history including most recent WRAP Facilitator Refresher
  • Experience facilitating WRAP groups - The selection committee is most interested in experience with 8-12 week WRAP groups and Seminar I in the 2- and 3-day format.
  • URL Link to your WRAP Presentation Recording (video) - Applicants are asked to create an unedited 20 minute video presenting an overview of the Five Key Concepts and all the sections of WRAP® (Wellness Toolbox, Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers and Action Plans, Early Warning Signs and Action Plans, When Things Are Breaking Down and Action Plans, all the parts of the Crisis Plan, and Post Crisis Plan). Our preference is for you to upload the video to, or similar and leave the link (url) in the application.


You will also be asked to briefly answer the following questions:

  • Who do you intend to co-facilitate WRAP Facilitator Training with?
  • How do you practice the WRAP values and ethics: a. with self? b. when working with a co-facilitator? c. during the WRAP group experience?
  • How has living WRAP enhanced your life?
  • Share an experience about a WRAP facilitation curriculum guideline that resonates with you and why.

After you have completed the online application, please send us the following application materials to complete your application:

1. A copy of your WRAP Facilitator certificate. Please scan and email.

2. At least 5 evaluations from at least 3 different 8-12 week WRAP groups or 2- or 3-day Seminar I courses you have facilitated (15 total evaluations). Please scan and email.

Materials should be emailed to [email protected] with the subject line: ALF Westfield (LAST NAME).

Please feel free to contact Katie Wilson at the Copeland Center for any reason during your application process: 802-451-0140 or email [email protected]


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