Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Refresher - Dublin Ireland

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Tue, 10/15/2019 - 10:00am
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This is a 4-day Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Refresher for re-accreditation of Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators.

Course Description: The Copeland Center Refresher Course for Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators is an interactive course that sharpens and expands facilitation skills for training WRAP® Facilitators- facilitators that will ensure the continued availability of WRAP®, the Key Concepts, and a core set of Values and Ethics to whomever it might benefit. It is run by a select group of Copeland Center Facilitators/Mentors who are experienced in facilitating groups. These Facilitators/Mentors work closely with the Center's current findings and effective facilitation approaches.

Learning Objectives:

*    Use learned techniques in the strengths-focused feedback process of the WRAP® Facilitator Course based on the principals of Mental Health Recovery and WRAP® Values and Ethics
*    Clearly describe the current 5-day structure of WRAP® Facilitator Training, based on the Evidence-Based Practice
*    Describe the Values & Ethics and what has been learned about applying them in the role of an Advance Level WRAP® Facilitator
*    Practice how to facilitate the 4 Practice Elements of the WRAP® Facilitator Training and discuss the goals of each.
The training covers following topics:
  1. Support Document
  2. Values & Ethics
  3. Updated Overview of 5-Day WRAP® Facilitator Certification Course
  4. Wellness Connections/Strengths Based Feedback
  5. Updated Practice Elements for WRAP® Facilitator Training
  6. NEW MODULES: Respecting Perspectives, Individual Needs, Creating Mentoring Plans, Recovery Topics Presentations, Wellness Checks

Note: Participation alone is not a guarantee of certification. Certification is based on demonstrated level of knowledge through written and/or oral exams and a mentoring plan. Course instructors will make every effort to work with participants toward successful completion of the course and/or establish next steps for certification.

PLEASE NOTE: The training will start at 10:00am on Tuesday, October 15. The training will end at 3:00pm on Friday, October 18. There will be a mandatory 2-hour online session on Tuesday, October 1 at 10:00am GMT.

Training Location: Dublin, Ireland


The tuition for this 4-day training includes training, materials, and lunch each day. Travel and Lodging is on your own.

EARLY BIRD RATE $800 if you secure your seat by June 1.