WRAP for Reducing Clutter

Lee Shuer

Whether you've been a collector your whole life or your accumulation is a new issue, the process of creating new habits which lead to less clutter is both rewarding and challenging. It can be challenging emotionally, physically, or both. Usually both!

Your goal is to reduce clutter. To meet this goal you may have to address issues of handling the stress of letting things go and the stress of resisting the urge to go out to get new things.

WRAP is a structure systems you develop yourself. It is a plan for getting well, staying well, and resolving life issues and challenges. It includes: A wellness toolbox, a daily maintenance plan, triggers and action plans, early warning signs and action plans, when things are breaking down and action plans, a crisis plan and post crisis plan. WRAP is an evidence-based practice developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD.

Lee Shuer will walk you through how WRAP has helped him deal with his own issues around clutter. Lee is a Certified Peer Specialist, and an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. He partnered with Mary Ellen Copeland to created WRAP® for Reducing Clutter and his contribution is featured in Mary Ellen Copeland's new book: WRAP for Life. Lee has also partnered with Dr. Randy Frost to create The Facilitator’s Manual for the Buried in Treasures Workshop and is the author of The Mutual Support Workbook for training mental health workers. Over many years, Lee has learned to live successfully with his own mental health challenges, and since 2000, he's strived to integrate the best of clinical and peer services. In addition to training and speaking around the world on person-centered approaches to reducing clutter, Lee has appeared on many radio and tv shows to talk about his experience.

Recording of WRAP for Reducing Clutter Webinar on February 19, 2015: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/7252535192693248002