WRAP and Loneliness

In this webinar, Sherri Rushman, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, will guide attendees through the process of identifying support related Wellness Tools and then using those tools to build a powerful WRAP. "Everyone needs friends we can talk to, pals to share activities with, and people we can depend on. This training is based on Mary Ellen Copeland's "The Loneliness Workbook" and we will explore: definitions of loneliness, images of loneliness, what loneliness means to you, why people may avoid you, how to use wellness tools to relieve loneliness, how to enjoy time alone, looking at your strengths, and how to have mutual relationships."

Sherri Rushman is Consumer Education Specialist at Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority in Michigan. Sherri brought WRAP to her organization after seeing Mary Ellen Copeland speak at a conference and just knowing it would help so many. She became a WRAP Facilitator in 2004 and trained as an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator in 2007.

This webinar was live on December 5, 2012