Vermont Recovery Education Project



Wednesdays 10-11am
Platform – Go to Meeting

Send email to register - Jane Winterling at [email protected] - you will receive a link in an email to enable you to join. These meetings will be ongoing until the pandemic is over and we are free to move around.
Description: Jane Winterling and colleagues create a group of Vermont WRAP Facilitators who want to reach out during these times of changing emotions. Being involved with others who are challenged by these stressful times where we can share and remind each other of all the resources both internal and external to support our wellness. “I leave feeling better than when I got on gotomeeting. It is amazing how changing my perspective from what is wrong to what is strong and all of the ways I can connect with others just makes me feel better”. This is open to all Vermonters WRAP Facilitators who would like a place to connect to others of like mind.


Jane Winterling - Director, Vermont Recovery Education Project

Jane Winterling

Jane Winterling

[email protected]


The Copeland Center offers training, mentoring, and consulting for the Wellness Recovery Action Planning for the state of Vermont. If you are a WRAP Facilitator, wish to become a WRAP Facilitator, are interested in implementing WRAP at your agency or organization, please contact us!


WRAP offers endless tools and strategies to address wellness and life changes. 


Participant feedback:

"This gave me hope and insights into new ways to teach WRAP and spread the word of wellness."

  • "It taught me that as a facilitator to pull from people's strengths; each and every individual brings something valuable to the table."

  • "I loved that we spent time communicating and sharing rather than solely learning the curriculum."

  • "Empowering - I can learn and share from my experience."

  • "I know I said it before but this experience has been like no other - one of the most memorable moments of my life of learning. :) "