Vermont Recovery Education Project


Jane Winterling - Director, Vermont Recovery Education Project

Jane Winterling

Jane Winterling


The Copeland Center offers training, mentoring, and consulting for the Wellness Recovery Action Planning for the state of Vermont. If you are a WRAP Facilitator, wish to become a WRAP Facilitator, are interested in implementing WRAP at your agency or organization, please contact us!


WRAP offers endless tools and strategies to address wellness and life changes. 


Participant feedback:

"This gave me hope and insights into new ways to teach WRAP and spread the word of wellness."

  • "It taught me that as a facilitator to pull from people's strengths; each and every individual brings something valuable to the table."

  • "I loved that we spent time communicating and sharing rather than solely learning the curriculum."

  • "Empowering - I can learn and share from my experience."

  • "I know I said it before but this experience has been like no other - one of the most memorable moments of my life of learning. :) "


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Vermont Recovery Education Project