Transformation of Community Support Through Copeland Center WRAP® Facilitation

Rona McBrierty

Rona McBrierty and Rozlyn Anderson are featured in this 9 minute interview sharing how Copeland Center WRAP® Facilitation has an impact on one's personal recovery and recovery to practice skills for mental health care providers creating transformational change at the community level.  Rona and Rozlyn are Copeland Center Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators and are from two culturally diverse regions of Scotland.  Their stories they will highlight how WRAP® Facilitation transcends cultural differences through a focus on our common pursuit of wellness and shared values and ethics.  Rona has worked with the Copeland Center to create networks of WRAP® Facilitators across Scotland, Ireland, England and the Netherlands. Rozlyn works at The Richmond Fellowship, a large care organization in Scotland. Rozlyn states:

"At The Richmond Fellowship we work hard to incorporate WRAP® and recovery into our daily lives, for people we support and for staff to create a culture of wellness across the board.”