Stay Connected with WRAP!

Key Concepts

During this time of COVID-19, we are encouraging our peer support community, including WRAP® Facilitators, to promote maintaining social connection while practicing physical distancing. The Copeland Center will be expanding our current offerings of online resources to support our community with digital/remote options. We invite you as WRAP® Facilitators to reach out using remote access tools to continue supporting people who have participated in your in-person WRAP® groups. For example, email, text messaging, Facebook, Google Hangouts, free apps like Houseparty, or other virtual communication could be useful tools to help you connect with your previous WRAP® participants.  Peer support is a crucial tool as we revisit our WRAP® and consider updating our "Daily Plans" and "Action Plans" to support us through the current period of uncertainty.

We want to use all the means we can to support people even when we can’t gather together. At the same time, we don’t want to suggest that the power and engagement of the evidence-based practice of co-facilitated in-person Seminar I WRAP® groups can be replaced by an online group. We can use online and remote access tools to add to and enhance the support we’ve provided in the past in our WRAP groups. This has always been a best practice, and it’s now more important than ever as we navigate COVID-19.

You may have seen that we model this by offering free online sessions to Advanced Level Facilitators and WRAP® Facilitators whereby we share how we are using our WRAP® today, including during these challenging times. One of our national strategic priorities is to encourage WRAP® Facilitators to provide more follow-up support to the people they have done WRAP® groups with and support people more in living the WRAP® they learned from Seminar I evidence-based workshops.  Our partners at Advocates for Human Potential, who acquired WRAP® and Recovery Books from Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland in 2016, are working on and interested in enhancing online materials to support you as well. They are also offering free pocket WRAPs to anyone in the US who needs them. Click here to request one.

There is much we can do at this time through technology with WRAP®. We especially see an opportunity to improve the follow-up support we offer to people after they have learned to develop a WRAP® to live their WRAP® and adapt their WRAP® to the changing nature of life. We will keep you updated on new tools and resources from us and from Advocates for Human Potential. Here are resources you can use right now:

  • FREE WEBINAR: April 7, 2-4 p.m. ET — All-Facilitator Networking Session Join us to share how we are using WRAP® today and supporting others too. Register here.
  • SAVE THE DATE for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators: Continuing with the success of our check-ins, The Copeland Center will be hosting another Advanced Level Facilitator Check-in on April 16 at 3:30pm ET. Advanced Level Facilitators will receive registration information under separate cover.
  • PEER SUPPORT COURSE: Are you a peer supporter? Learn how to use online tools to facilitate interactive online wellness and peer support sessions. More information here.
  • REFRESHERS/RECERTIFICATIONS: Has it been 2 years or more since your last WRAP® Facilitator training? Take advantage of our dynamic online WRAP® Co-Facilitator Refresher Course at a discount to maintain or renew your Facilitator certification. See online refresher opportunities here.
  • TAKE SEMINAR I ONLINE: As the only organization authorized to conduct WRAP groups online, the Copeland Center is equipped to bring virtual WRAP groups directly to anyone in the world. We are offering discounted rates as well as scholarships to remove financial barriers for participants. We are actively adding more groups across different time zones as quickly as possible during this time. Find our schedule here. Need a scholarship? Apply here.
  • WRAP® VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE: Find lots of WRAP-related videos online, including recorded interviews and webinars with Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD. Start here.
  • WRAP® APP: Advocates for Human Potential is offering a free WRAP® app you can use to create and keep your plan on your mobile device. More info and links to download here:
  • WRAP® RESOURCES ONLINE: Find WRAP information and encouragement from the Copeland Center through our website, Facebook page and our National Consumer Technical Assistance Center, Doors to Wellbeing; and from Advocates for Human Potential’s WRAP website, Facebook page, and newsletter.

We so appreciate your dedication and passion to WRAP® and your participation in making the Copeland Center a vast, diverse and resilient community of peers supporting one another.

We hope you will join us for these opportunities to connect!