Facilitator Training

Thousands of people across the United States and around the world have trained as WRAP® Facilitators. These people are changing the mental health system to honor people’s recovery journeys. This course models the behavior of a facilitator in a WRAP class and stresses authenticity and unconditional high regard, as well as a strong set of values and ethics to guide your work.

This training is appropriate for anyone who would like to lead  WRAP groups, work with others to develop their own WRAP and give presentations on mental health recovery related issues to groups or organizations.  Attendees are expected to have a solid working knowledge of WRAP and share their experiential knowledge of how WRAP can work.

The WRAP Facilitator training provides an experiential learning environment based on mutuality. Participants in this course will be expected to participate in interactive learning activities and demonstrate their own experience with WRAP.  To attend this training, it is expected that you have familiarity with the different parts of WRAP through completion of one of the following prerequisites (which must be conducted by a WRAP Facilitator):

  • Seminar I: Developing Your Own WRAP (16+ hours) - in-person
  • Copeland Center Online Seminar I: Developing Your Own WRAP - this is only online course that meets the pre-requisites. 
  • Copeland Center Correspondence Course

Additionally, it is expected that you will also have developed and used your own WRAP.  

Cost:  $1,300.00 per person (groups may be eligible for group discount rates)

"The impact that this Wellness Recovery Action Plan training is already having on my life and on the way I dealt with 2 clients already this morning is nothing short of profound.  The group, especially colleagues in HCRS who I pass every day, are newly connected with each other in a way hard to describe.  Moreover, I believe that everyone at HCRS must have the opportunity to discover this information and training. It is not a document or book we can stick in our bulging folders or on the shelf of myriad 'how to' literature--- it is an experience.
Our organization is committed to weaving Wellness Recovery Action Planning into the fabric of our system of care, so we can provide alternatives and a holistic framework to support individuals through their journey towards wellness and recovery."   
George Karabakakus Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer
Health Care & Rehabilitation Services of S.E. Vermont