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November 10-12, 2014

Ramada Inn - 1450 S. Atherton St - State College, PA 16801

Please join us for this dynamic summit on WRAP, Peer Support, and Community.

Registrations: $315 w/o lodging; $565 including lodging - Discounts available to members - Registration forms below

Continuing Education Hours Available for Pennsylvania Certified Peer Specialist

Opportunities include:

  • WRAP Facilitator Refresher Course
  • Seminar I: WRAP for Total Health
  • Many exciting and informative sessions and speakers
  • Harness the power of peers through networking.

WRAP Facilitator Refresher Course - In order to improve skills and stay informed regarding effective approaches to WRAP Facilitation continued learning is imperative. It is a best practice for WRAP Facilitators attend a Refresher Course at least once every two year in order to stay up to date on developments. Recommended for WRAP Facilitators to enhance knowledge and skills with WRAP and to get updates on implementing WRAP as an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).

Seminar I: WRAP For Total Health - WRAP is a self-help tool for people moving toward a healthier lifestyle.   In this seminar, each person will have the opportunity to create a personal vision of wellness and investigate options and choices to move towards this vision.  We will also identify external events, circumstances and influences that cause us to stray from our wellness goals and action plans to get back on track.  In addition, we will become aware of early warning signs; indicators that things are not going as well as we want and of course, action plans to overcome these internal obstacles.

What makes this approach unique from other wellness plans is that YOU the person writing the plan are the owner and director of your personal journey toward the endless possibilities of health.  Our focus on Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self Advocacy and Support as a foundation for self-directed recovery and the planning process for recovering our wellness encompasses our minds, body and souls.  The simple, accessible and safe wellness tools we discovery with each other, have benefits on multiple aspect of our health not just our thoughts and emotions. This course fulfills the pre-requisites for WRAP Facilitator Training.

Highlighted Speakers

Harvey RosenthalHarvey Rosenthal

Executive Director New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.

Harvey Rosenthal is considered to be one of New York's fiercest advocate for recovery and peer support services and is know nationally for his efforts to transform systems to be more recovery oriented.

Harvey will share his nationally sought after presentation about peer support in the wake of health care reform. His presentation speaks to the opportunity and strategies for the peer supports movement to help provide more integrated support for people with mental health challenges.    

Jeanie WhitecraftJeanie Whitecraft, M.Ed.  Director of National Technical Assistance Division

Jeanie has worked with MHASP since 1989 where she developed " The Friends Connection"; a Peer Support Program for people with Co-occurring Disorders, a national evidence based model. Jeanie's commitment to educating the general public about Peer Support and Co-Occurring led her to produce a made for TV Video Documentary, Journey Towards the Light that takes you on a journey in the day of the life of peers helping peers. Based on her years of experience of running peer support programs, Jeanie was a leader in the development and pioneering of Pennsylvania's Certified Peer Specialist workforce implementation.  

BJ NorthBJ North, Executive Director Conscious Educators

BJ North is a Copeland Center Certified Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and works exclusively with the Copeland Center to mentor and train new Advanced Level Facilitators.  She is a key partner with the Copeland Center promoting high-quality WRAP® Facilitation in her community through her business Conscious Educators Inc.  BJ North works to build bridges across uncommon grounds such as those from businesses to community, individuals to community resources, and agencies to consumers.  She has assisted various community agencies to better serve those they work with by helping people to hear and speak to one another in the spirit of mutual respect.

BJ will speak to her many years of experience in developing successful county WRAP programs through creating a community of mentoring as well as her work in promoting WRAP for teams, families and building connections of diverse communities.   

Eric Larson, Peer Support ConsultantEric Larson

 Eric Larson, is a Copeland Center Certified Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator who has been living a Wellness Recovery Action Plan lifestyle since 2003. Eric's passion for wellness alternatives serves as a catalyst for engaging facilitation for group learning. Eric served as WRAP Coordinator for the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania's Institute for Recovery and Community Integration for six years. He is now currently using his WRAP passion as Peer Support Coordinator for Resources for Human Development and is a facilitator with the International Hearing Voices Network.

Eric, will share a live demonstration of his key wellness tool as he performs an original song based on his passion for recovery and speaking to his experience in using WRAP and peer support to take back control for his whole health living with both mental health challenges and diabetes.

Steven MorganSteven Morgan, Operations Manager, Intentional Peer Support

Steven Morgan has worked in peer support services for the past decade, during which time he has helped create and manage several peer-run and alternative mental health programs.  Steven has a passion for creating instruments of social change, a love of organizational development, and a belief in the transformative power of community. In 2013, he joined Intentional Peer Support as Operations Manager with a passion for creating instruments of social change, a love of organizational development, and a belief in the transformative power of community.  


Eva Dech, Training Manager, Intentional Peer SupportEva Deck

Eva has been involved in human rights activism and advocacy for over two decades
. As a survivor of childhood trauma and re-traumatization within the mental health and other systems, she is passionate about creating positive systems change to end abuse and neglect in institutions. In particular, she has focused on infusing trauma-informed practices that are recovery-based and person-centered.

After years of developing and working within peer support, she came to believe the path to healing and recovery was through relationships, creating opportunities for empowerment, and building connected, inclusive, and supportive communities.

Matthew Federici, Executive Director, Copeland Center

Matthew comes to the Copeland Center from the Institute for Recovery & Community Integration where he served as Program Director.  Matthew's personal and professional journey in wellness and recovery includes facilitating group therapy sessions, resource management for people entering independent housing; supervising community rehabilitation residents and implementing a supported employment and education program. In addition he has been a member of family and consumer advocacy groups for several years. He has also been involved in promoting Psychiatric Advance Directives though local, state and national consumer and provider conferences and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner.

Matthew was awarded Distinguished Advocate Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services in 2002 and Exemplary Practice Award in 2007 from the Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA Board of Directors.

Gina Calhoun, Director of Wellness and Recovery Education, Copeland Center

Gina Calhoun comes to The Copeland Center from the Office of Mental Health and Substance Gina Calhoun  Abuse Services. She is a certified peer support specialist and has had the opportunity to be part of 19 certified peer specialist trainings, 7 certified peer specialist supervisor trainings and 50 WRAP® trainings. Gina's unique experience centers around Harrisburg State Hospital (HSH). She used the services at Harrisburg State Hospital for several years before escaping to live on the streets. Gina came back to offer peer support during the closing of HSH and went to work on the former grounds of the hospital complex. She attributes her recovery journey to supportive relationships that choose to focus on 'what's strong' instead of 'what's wrong'; and for the opportunity to work in a supportive environment where she is part of a team making a difference in PA.

Gina was awarded the Distinguished Advocates Award from the PA Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, chosen as the PA state representative for the National Pillars of Peer Support Summit and had the honor to be the keynote speaker for the National Veteran's Conference as well as the National Association of Peer Specialist Conference.


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