Boost Your WRAP Program

Atlanta VA TA Project
Need a boost to your WRAP Program? The Copeland Center can provide technical assistance to your WRAP Facilitators to increase the power of your program.
The Copeland Center provides cost effective technical assistance packages by video conference, conference call, and email support. We connect WRAP Facilitators and coordinators with experienced Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators who have expertise at both facilitating courses and administering programs. We work out a specific plan for each facility based on agency needs and desired outcomes. 

Whether you are struggling to fill courses or want to ensure you are implementing the evidence-based practice, the Copeland Center can help!

Services include:
  • Supporting Facilitators to choose a format the aligns with the evidence-based practice and fits with your system
  • Support facilitators to create agenda, slide deck, and choose appropriate handouts and activities
  • Provide mentoring, coaching, and activities to strengthen knowledge base of base of WRAP and co-facilitation
  • Choose education and learning objectives to meet the standards of Seminar I: Developing Your Own WRAP
  • Guide WRAP Facilitators through enrolling the course and promoting it across systems
  • Review fidelity measures for WRAP
  • Create experiential activities for a variety of learning styles
  • Consultation on evaluation tools for facilitators
For more information:
 Katie J. Wilson, Director of Operations, 802-451-0140 or by email.
The Way WRAP Works!
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