What does a peer specialist do?

Peer specialist utilize specific methods and practices to develop hopeful relationships with people in their communities. A peer specialist:

  1. Engages peers in collaborative and caring relationship
  2. Provides support: validating experiences and feelings; explores meaningful community roles and conveys hope of recovery
  3. Shares the lived experience of wellness and recovery in a connecting and relatable way
  4. Personalize peer support recognizing multiple paths to wellness, respecting each other's unique strengths, interests and culture perspectives.
  5. Supports recovery planning proposing strategies, offering support, information and resources for an individual to achieve their own desired tasks and goals
  6. Links to resources, services and supports when desired by an individual
  7. Provides information about skills related to health, wellness and recovery based on an individual's interest and goals
  8. Supports people define, identify and manage crises
  9. Values respectful, person-centered and mutually supportive communication
  10. Supports collaboration and teamwork
  11. Promotes leadership and advocacy
  12. Promotes one’s own growth and development by seeking continued education, mentoring and supportive supervision