WRAP in Canadian High Schools

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - 7:45am

Recently, the Copeland Center entered a groundbreaking initiative to bring WRAP to High School students in Edmonton Canada Alberta. The 3-Day WRAP Overview took place June 28th - 30th with and additional two days of planning on July 1st and 2nd. The 3-day Overview was co-facilitated by Letty Elenes, Jawanza Hadley and Rocio Elenes. Twenty-seven high schools students from two separate high schools and one project coordinator from Alberta Health Services came together to participate in the 3-day overview. Each of the participants was guided through the 5 Key Concepts and the process of making their own WRAP.

At the conclusion of the WRAP 3 Day overview, there were two additional days set aside for coming up with an implementation plan. The two-day planning process was lead by the executive director of the Copeland Center, Matthew Federici. “The energy and engagement of the high school students to bring WRAP to their peers after just 3 Days of workshops was inspiring because they really saw the potential WRAP has for everyone, ” said Federici. “It is powerful to think of the early intervention and preventive life skills these high school students will be equipped with as they transition to adulthood.”

WRAP is not new to Canada. There are currently 9 Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators and several WRAP Facilitators in Canada.  

The next step in the process is to hold a 5 day Facilitators training for the participants. This is scheduled to take place August 30th - September 3rd in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

What the participants said about the WRAP 3 Day Overview:

"WRAP is the motivation kick-start we all desire in order to do well in day to day life. It’s about discovering that YOU are the key to your own personal wellness. Every once in a while we tend to hit a wall in our lives. With the help of WRAP we can break through the wall and continue living. Happiness is knowing yourself, and that’s exactly what WRAP is about."
Hailey - HS WRAP Participant

“WRAP is more than just a program about mental health, it’s a lifestyle of well being.”
Pablo - HS Participant

“WRAP is a lifestyle and movement of people where we don’t have to live life by ourselves.  We can use supporters and people to help us out in ever day life.”
Ross - HS Participant

“It’s awesome to see that there are different ways to deal with different situations.”
Aiden - HS Participant

“With WRAP you can take a problem, and instead of worrying about the problem, you can have a set plan to get rid of the problem.”

“WRAP is very relevant and it’s very needed and I am really excited to see what is going to happen over the summer and in September to bring it into the schools.”
Lauren Ostrom - HS WRAP Project Coordinator