Komala Pepin Joins Board of Directors

Komala Pepin
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 10:18am
A warm welcome to our newest member of the board of director, Komala Pepin. Komala was born in Durban, South Africa and at age 10 moved to Alberta, Canada. During her first mental health placement as a student Occupational Therapist she found her lifelong passion.  Komala’s dynamic 35 year career included a leadership role as an Addiction and Mental Health Program manager with Alberta Health Services, Edmonton. She was instrumental in leading transformative system change in the area of peer support and recovery focused care. In 2010, she wrote the funding proposal that brought WRAP to Edmonton. In 2011, she envisioned and led a 5-day recovery conference attended by 750 people and facilitated by two Copeland Center facilitators. Finally, at the close of her career Komala led an exciting pilot that took WRAP to high school.

Komala retired in October 2014 and in addition to providing leadership to a group that is researching and writing a peer support training program, she is about to launch WRAP Works as a universal prevention program for emotional resilience. Komala has been married for 31 years, has two sons and a daughter-in-law who often enjoy time together at their vibrant, family-owned café.
“WRAP is for anyone and everyone! I believe this wholeheartedly and am working at paving the way for the doors of transformative change to open. My goal is to work with the truly preventative powers of WRAP and offer it to a universal audience. This includes post–secondary institutions, companies and organizations and any individual who wants to gain emotional resilience. People will learn how to arm themselves with the tools and skills to deal with any life challenge that comes their way and still remain well and balanced throughout the process.”