Team WRAP for Organizations

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 10:52am

The Copeland Center has been working with organizational teams to advanced its mission of promoting more wellness-oriented supports through a new service called Team WRAP® for Organizations.  Team WRAP® for Organizations applies the concepts of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan curriculum with the evidenced based Copeland Center WRAP® Facilitation techniques to promote organizational team wellness. "Our goal with Team WRAP® for Organizations is to strengthen the culture of workplace wellness to drive higher quality wellness-oriented services to the people those organizations serve," says Executive Director Matthew Federici.

From east coast to west coast, organizations are finding the benefits of Copeland Center WRAP® Facilitation to strengthen their organizational teams.  On May 16th Executive Director, Matthew Federici and National Training Director, Gina Calhoun, kicked off a series of facilitated workshop sessions with four different teams who provide coordination and technical supports to children family and youth services in Pennsylvania. Participants in the workshops shared about the experience that, "the way we developed a team wellness toolbox was a more positive way to focus on our strengths and learn to get to know about our team members."   Participants in these facilitated sessions also shared that the experience helped them "get more specific about their team strengths and needs" to be a more effective team.   

Two innovative organizations on the west coast, Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services (P.E.E.R.S.) in Oakland, California and Milestones Family Recovery in Corvallis, Oregon have benefited from these Facilitated WRAP® sessions as well. "It is progressive and rewarding to work with the Copeland Center and support healthy teams within our system with the same level of recovery support we are expecting them to provide to the people they serve," states Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator BJ North about the Team WRAP® Facilitation experience with the Copeland Center.  

Contact the Copeland Center for more information if your organization is seeking to implement the evidence based practice of WRAP Facilitation and wants to foster a stronger culture of workplace wellness through out its team members.