The Gratitude Project

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:56am

On Thanksgiving, many of us have visions of good food, time to rest or a fun-filled day with family and friends. For some of us, this is a time of gratitude for our own recovery and wellness. Here at the Copeland Center, we are thinking about the 'giving thanks' part of Thanksgiving. Here are some quotes from the WRAP community about gratitude.

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Deanna Brent

I am grateful for WRAP teaching me to explore more about my triggers! Until WRAP, I didn’t realize I was repressing or ignoring what really bothered me. I always thought I was silly or wrong. WRAP told me that if something made me feel uncomfortable to embrace it, recognize and most beautifully, do something about it- ACTION Plan!

---Deanna Brent, WRAP Facilitator, Boise, ID



I am grateful for WRAP because I am more focused on each day.
I am grateful for the WRAP Community because I experience the power of support.
---Betsy Gorski, Philadelphia, PA

Rita CroniseI  am grateful for WRAP because it gave me hope for more than I had and a way to share that hope with others, who could in turn bring their hope to even more.
----Rita Cronise, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators, NY



I am grateful for WRAP because it has given me the opportunity to grow in my personal wellness; both mentally and physically.
I am grateful for the WRAP Community because it is a loving, nurturing and supportive network of people who are willing and able to provide the support that you need when you need it.
----Joseph Alex Martin, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, PA

Tracy ShultzI am grateful for WRAP for many reasons. WRAP has helped me to better understand myself and my needs and through WRAP I have become more aware of the choices and options I have in dealing with big feelings that had previously eluded me. It gave me the power to move out of the painful zone of chronic pain into the pain free zone.   I am the most grateful for WRAP because I have been able to help all sorts of people with achieving emotional and spiritual wellness, people I previously wouldn’t have been able to help.
---Tracy Shultz, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, PA

I am grateful for WRAP because it has opened doors to a different world where I can better understand myself and be a better supporter for others. I have also learned about taking personal responsibility and remembering that others also have the right to take personal responsibility for themselves. This has helped me to not feel like I have to be responsible to save people but rather people can make a choice of how they want to respond to situations and if they want my support then they can ask. I am grateful for WRAP because it has truly changed the way that I think about my challenges. At one point I thought that my challenges were something that I was “stuck” with. Now I see the challenges about me, that once were deficits to others, are now able to be strengths instead. I can’t imagine my life without my WRAP.
---Julia Tannehill, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, PA


Lena Caballero-PhillipsI am grateful for the Wellness Recovery Action Plan which has a left door wide open for creating positive change in communities across the country and the world.  WRAP gives us all effective tools to help us regain the things we have lost in life and build a new future upon a strong foundation.  In turn, many of us are able to give back to the community in ways we never imagined.
 ---Magdalena Y. Caballero-Phillips
Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Fort Worth, TX


Rachel Calhoun

I am thankful for the WRAP community because I met a lot of new friends.  We care about each other from the first time we meet. I like hanging out with nice people.
---Rachel Calhoun
Mont Alto, PA



Cici SpencerWRAP has been a  great support to me in connecting with my community.  Those connections and support sparked healing within me. I know that my journey will be ongoing but it will never be as challenging as it has been in the past because now I am connected to my community.  My excitement in regards to my experience with WRAP has inspired me to share it with my family, friends, colleges and  the community.  In an empty garden a flower dose not flourish but flowers in a bed bloom abundantly.  I am grateful  that I have been given the opportunity share WRAP with people on any aspect of my human experience.
 ---Cici Spencer
Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Falls Church, VA

I am grateful for the WRAP community because they are supportive!
---Kristen Fisher, WRAP Facilitator, PA

Gina CalhounI am grateful for the WRAP Community because it invites me to be 'part of' NOT 'apart from'.  It is an inclusive environment where everyone:
Counts - We all matter
Connects - Through our Values and Ethics, we create unity in the human quest toward wellness And
Contributes - We combine our Abilities to create a well community.
 ---Gina Kaye Calhoun
Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Waynesboro, PA

Lala Doost

I am grateful for the Wellness Recovery Action Plan because it helped me become comfortable with who I am. It empowered me to use the voice I've always had, but have been too afraid to do so.
 ---Lala Doost
Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Castro Valley, CA


Scott HellerI am grateful for the WRAP community because we choose to focus on strengths and away from perceived deficits - not through words only - but also by creating a different lens by which to view a world filled with wonderfully diverse people.
 ---Scott T. Heller
Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Waynesboro, PA