Gina Calhoun Keynote in the News

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 1:15pm

Gina Calhoun, The Copeland Center's Director of National Wellness Recovery Education, recently did a keynote and workshop at the 2 day Franklin County Human Services Training Days. Nearly 200 mental health professionals gathered at Rhodes Grove in Chambersburg, PA for the two-day event. Calhoun, also a certified peer support specialist, spoke Wednesday to some of the same people who tried to help her years ago. "Recovery happens," she said. "We've got to debunk the myth that those of us with mental health challenges are invalids or unbalanced, because it's simply not true."

Gina was on Social Security Disability for more then 17 years. She left the state hospital to live on the street, then find her niche. She offered peer support to patients when the state closed the Harrisburg hospital. She later had an office at the former hospital and married in the chapel on the former grounds of the hospital.

Many in the audience lined up after her hour-long speech, wished her well and asked for her autograph. Gina is working on a book about her life with author Phyllis Vine, who has written about the history of mental illness. One participant at the event commented: "Really enjoyed the personal stories - gives the hands-on perspective. . . . [It helped me] re-evaluate my current thinking patterns and how to apply it to my job."

The article on her keynote appeared in the online newspaper Public Opinion. See the link below for the full online story.