Donate to our Fall Appeal

Friday, December 6, 2013 - 10:47am

"For twelve years WRAP® has made a significant difference in my life. I now state, “I am the best me I know.” From its inception in 2005 the Copeland Center has been the primary worldwide provider of training/education, technical assistance, and consultation on the work of Mary Ellen Copeland and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan®. The Copeland Center makes a difference in the wellness of individuals, organizations, and systems of care. The Copeland Center hosts WRAP® Around the World and Summits that offer important worldwide networking and educational opportunities.

As you know WRAP® is an uncomplicated, person-centered, self-directed wellness practice. WRAP® groups move communities away from a focus on illness management and individual deficits to communities focused on wellness and individual strengths. The Copeland Center training model is making that difference possible. I can safely say,  “The Copeland Center Fund is the best charitable fund I know.”

The money I donate to the Copeland Center Fund goes directly to the work of the Copeland Center. No buildings are being built. No large marketing departments are asking you to finance their work and departmental overhead. My donation might subsidize an outstanding Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator Training applicant, someone who couldn’t be part of a Summit, or an international WRAP Mentor to attend a meeting to discuss and share learning around best practices when facilitating trainings. The body of this work ever grows and the dialogue opportunities provided by the Copeland Center cost money. Money that I am proud to donate, as I trust you will wish to do, too.

Please support the Copeland Center Fund this year - I ask because the Copeland Center has a special place in my heart."

John Woodruff, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator

Matching Funds Available NOW!
Make a donation before December 31 and you will help us obtain two matching donations of $2500 each through generous pledges from Conscious Educators and Life is Amazing Consulting. We thank both organizations for their challenge gifts!     
Donations can be sent to us by mail at:
The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery
PO Box 6471
Brattleboro VT 05302-6471

Thank you for your support!