Breaking the Chain

Linda Meyer
Friday, November 18, 2016 - 2:05pm

by Linda Meyer

As I continue with my own wellness transformation journey, I realize more and more each day how I have really become a different person. I am breaking the chain from my past struggles and triggers that try to challenge me today and I am accomplishing this because of the important life changing concept of WRAP that came into my life 6 years ago.

It is an incredible feeling to know I have HOPE and can handle anything when the wave of struggles and triggers always come - and I know it will not knock me down anymore.  I have been able to do this because I understand the feelings associated with those struggles and triggers. This has allowed me to develop a technique of using my WRAP like a flow chart to keep me aware of who I am especially as I change and become a stronger more confident woman.

As I continue to facilitate 4 WRAP workshops a week, this amount of time facilitating has helped me to become more confident and passionate as I continue to honor the values and ethics of a certified WRAP Facilitator. More importantly, being able to see myself in each member allows me to reach inside myself to adjust my style and offer peer support because of my own lived experiences before and after using WRAP.

The ability to inspire and bring out someone’s own strengths as they begin to understand  themselves differently and learn the same methods of using the WRAP like a flowchart as I have to regain balance back in to their life is something so incredible to be a part of.

Not only do I facilitate the WRAP workshops as they were intended, but being able to share with others how I maneuvered around some of my own challenges with triggers has become such a valuable part of my workshops.  Utilizing the peer support model and sharing some of the tools of ‘peeling apart the onion’ of a trigger and how I use my ‘past and present bridge’ helps everyone understand for themselves that they can also make their own wellness transformation.

What I see in each participant as they leave each workshop is that they are thinking of how this can work in their own life and because of peer support, finally someone has shared with them a practical and easy long term method to help themselves. When they come back each week, they have started to make their own changes and transformations!
In the 5 years I have been facilitating WRAP workshops, “ZERO” participants have ever gone back into a psychiatric hospital unit. This is an incredible statistic to share as I continue my work as a Peer Specialist and a Certified WRAP Facilitator.

My goal is to share with others what helped assist me in “breaking the chain” of being held down by my past struggles and triggers and understand the feelings from them. I have learned to find my own wellness in a world that has us faced with a barrage of challenges, struggles and our perceived triggers. Bringing WRAP workshops further out into the community where everyone can benefit from them especially those who have never struggled but feel suicidal is so important and essential to help our fellow neighbor continue to have HOPE.


Linda Meyer is the founder and President of The Support Place Where HOPE Lives; a 501(c)3 NJ nonprofit wellness transformation center which includes the Red Shoes Club, a community wellness project to celebrate life from being hopeless  and celebrating that people ‘clicked their heels and chose to live’. The Red Shoes Club is changing the stigma of feeling suicidal and provides an evidenced based educational tool of WRAP and help people find HOPE again.

Linda is employed by the Einstein Healthcare Network and works in the Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic and coordinates the Freda Kraftsow Sacks Recovery Resource Center. She graduated from Rider College, and is a Certified WRAP Facilitator, Certified Recovery Support Practitioner, Certified Older Adult Peer Specialist, NAMI “In Our Own Voice” Presenter and a Certified Reiki Practitioner.  She has presented on a variety of wellness and recovery topics and her articles have been published in many local and national publications. Linda is also a member of the State of NJ and Monmouth County Behavioral Health and Addictions boards, and a member of the State of NJ Suicide Prevention Committee.

Linda is married and together with her husband, Jay, they are raising their 7 beautiful children including one with special needs.