International Facilitators

I am part of the WRAP community

I work as a Mental Health Case Manager. I enjoy the people I work with and am blessed that they allow me to join them in their journey of recovery. I took the WRAP training in 2016. I am able to use it in my work career and personal life.

Ed Stanley

Hello, my name is Ed and I‘m a recently certified as a WRAP facilitator. I’m passionate about recovery as I live it every day and see that we can all reach what we consider to be our best versions of ourselves. I’m new to working in the Mental Health area and over the last 2 years since I changed careers I have worked with people who are Homeless and recovering from Addictions and I have worked as a Peer Support Worker with a Community Mental Health Organisation. I love meeting people and sharing stories. And I love being part of this community!

I am thrilled to be a part of the Laing House team and having had WRAP Facilitation Training through Self Help Connections. Having completed the Mental Health Recovery & Promotion program at NSCC, and being a huge advocate promoting wellness and recovery for those living with mental illness, Laing House and SHC is a natural fit. I am a very energetic and social individual who loves to network and meet new people in the community.

Hi my name is Huma. I first did my WRAP as a young person at the age of 18. This was something that completely changed my life around as I had my years of unsuccessful interventions previously. This course helped me to learn about my self at my pace and piece myself together in my own way. I have now been delivering WRAP for 7 years, to young people.

Jenn Cusick

Jenn has been working in mental health for the last twenty years. During that time she has been a relentless force for innovation. She sees sparks—programs and projects with the potential to serve humanity in bright new ways—and tends to them until they catch fire, transforming their surroundings. Jenn transformed one of B.C.s first Peer Support Programs from a small and underutilized program to a robust service that is now extremely valued and supported by the larger mental health system.

Jimeve O’Neill

Hello, I am a community development officer in west Cork. My training expands across psychological coaching, counseling and Pyschotherapy and social science. And now WRAP ! I fully enjoy and embrace the WRAP programme and love spreading the learning to as many people as possible so that they can live well and be empowered in a positive way.

Julie Ethier

Hi my name is Julie, I live in Newmarket, just north of Toronto. I grow up in St-Jerome, Québec. I am a Wrap Facilitator since 2014. I have a great deal of life experience and I am thankful that WRAP is now part of my life for ever.

Karyn Haag

I am a social worker, BSW graduate from the University of Victoria in BC, and I am currently working in mental health in Halifax, NS. Through my education, I developed a passion for anti-oppressive, strength-based, and harm reduction practices, and am excited to begin working with these skills that fit so well with WRAP facilitating.

Member of the Consumer/Survivor/ Mad/ X community in Toronto, Ontario Canada for over 20 years. I believe there is so much to life as a mad person that exists outside a pill. If you want to take a wellness journey, I am game for that. WRAP is a tool for wellness, it is also a tool for really living outside the clinical purview of human experience.

Miranda Guitard

Hey there! My name is Miranda, and I am a Peer Support Worker in Woodstock, Ontario Canada. I use my journey to support my work, and to support others on their journey to recovery. I work tirelessly on building my peers up, and finding strength in our vulnerability. I am constantly reviewing and adding to my WRAP plan. I believe WRAP has changed my head space and helped me hold myself in unconditional high regard, as we all should!

Natalie Parsons

Natalie is passionate about her wellness and recovery, inspired by her journey as a survivor through trauma. She is dedicated to inspiring others; her open-minded and heartfelt approach in conversations create a safe place for sharing. For several years Natalie has enjoyed her work as a first voice speaker/volunteer, with the IWK Children's Hospital.

Enthusiastic WRAP facilitator from Dublin, Ireland. First discovered WRAP when trying to balance work, life, bills, socialising, hobbies and everyday stress. Have been using WRAP myself ever since! I'm working in the area of Mental Health and regularly see the positive impact WRAP has for people from all different backgrounds and ways of life.

Nicola Swales

My WRAP journey started in 2015 when I was introduced to it as a professional. Not only did I establish a wellbeing service for children and young people in England that continues to support 6 years later, I discovered a wellness strategy that translated my lifelong partnership with self-care and peer support. WRAP strategies continue me to be well, despite challenges through life i have faced as a child and adult.

I encountered Wrap a few years ago, but it was only recently that I found how incredibly helpful it can be to me and others. I volunteered for the training because I wanted to help people as I have been helped by finding my wellness toolbox. I look forward to delivering seminars and connecting with as many people as I can.

Hi, my name is Steven McBride and I live in Scotland. WRAP is fairly new to me, although after attending Seminar 1 and the Co-facilitators training I was fairly quickly able to identify concepts and strategies that I have been adopting throughout my life. I get great personal satisfaction in supporting others in any way I can and feel this contributes to my ongoing wellness.

Tracey Mitchell is a settler in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 Territory, the homeland of the Cree and Métis peoples. Tracey works as a Peer Support Mentor with Saskatchewan Health Authority, where she mentors other peer supporters and supports the development of peer support programs throughout the province. Facilitating WRAP is one of Tracey’s favourite things to do. She is currently working on a WRAP scrapbook using art journaling techniques, one of her favourite wellness tools.

I am a "two hat", a person who has struggled to maintain my own mental health and wellness while working in mental health in variety of roles, including case manager, mental health educator, and CMHA program supervisor. I have used my own WRAP for over ten years.Becoming a certified WRAP Facilitator was one of my dreams. I lived in the US for most of my life, and I am comfortable with both countries' system of care.