Facilitator Directory

The WRAP Facilitator Directory offers connection with locally trained and certified WRAP Facilitators who can offer evidence-based practice WRAP workshops in your community.  To be listed in this directory, you must have successfully completed the five-day WRAP Facilitator training offered by the Copeland Center or a current Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator of the Copeland Center. Once listed, refresher training requirements must be met to maintain your listing in the directory. 

The directory is designed to fill a need for local resource availability for people seeking WRAP groups. The Copeland Center had to make a sizable investment in technology to get the registry up and running. It is primarily designed for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators to participate by purchasing bulk listings for their trainees. Because it takes investigation into each individual request that does not come directly through an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, the Copeland Center has to do detective work to ensure that individuals were properly trained by qualified trainers and this requires a fee. We encourage WRAP Facilitators to request that their trainers contact the Copeland Center to purchase spaces in the registry and therefore eliminate the research required for an individual request and help make it as affordable as possible to both Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators and WRAP Facilitators.  If you qualify to be listed in the directory, please contact the organization or Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator who provided your training.  Current Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators who want to list people they have trained and provided refresher course to should contact us for more information.  

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Catherine Knight

Cathy Baker

I am a certified Peer Recovery Specialist and am a certified facilitator for WRAP, Mental Health First Aid, and Helping Others Heal. I am so excited to be able to use all the bad stuff that has happened in life to be able to help others who are struggling. I am originally from York, PA but was raised in Georgia. I live in Panama City, Florida with my fiancé and two cats Luna and Felix. I love helping others!

Cathy E. Karwatski

Hello, my name is Cathy E. Karwatski, I'm 49 years old I have been working as a Certified Peer Specialist for 7 years and a WRAP-Seminar I-Facilitator for 4 years and most recently I have completed a WRAP Seminar II Co-Facilitator training on September 28, 2018, I have become part of the Pennsylvania Certification Board-Certified Peer Specialist in August 2018.

I am a registered nurse at Crestwood Chula Vista and fell in love with WRAP after attending the WRAP I seminar. It has truly changed my life and has allowed me to be more of advocate for myself as well as others. I am excited to learn more and share my love of WRAP with others!

Chally Grundwag, M.A

Hi there!! My name is Chally. I am currently working as a senior psychology advisor for a non-profit organization, and as a therapist associate in private practice in Menlo Park, CA.
I was first introduced to WRAP in 2015 when I was going through a challenging time in my life, recovering from complex trauma. Ever since I have been using WRAP as the “blue print” for my own wellness journey. I love WRAP because it is a simple, empowering and transformational tool that can be developed by anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. It is exciting to be able to introduce this wonderful method to others. I’m looking forwards to facilitate WRAP groups in the Bay Area.

Chance Tibbs

I can only show you how much hope I have for others. The words have already been used. Like minded people will all ways seek each other out. We must propel one another, so not to slip back into our illness. My hope for you is that together we can find your words.

Charlene Jimerson

I was originally certified by John Woodruff, B.J. North, and Khatera Aslami in June 18, 2010. I became an Employment Certified Peer Counselor by Recovery Innovations on February 6, 2015 by lived experience; and not through employment training. Prior to becoming a Peer Counselor, I actively advocated for accountability of non-effective services for a year at State level, in Sacramento, Ca., as a ACBHCS Client Stakeholder Representative.

Charlene Feathers

Charlene Feathers, M.A. is a proud native of Oakland, CA who has overcome adversity, abuse, and unhealthy habits. During her journey toward wellness, she unearthed her purpose to use her skills to support people as they desert oppressive hindering mindsets and embrace their purpose. Charlene is a mother of two. She is a mentor and public speaker; she has her Master’s in Human Services Counseling and has certifications as a WRAP Facilitator, a Relationship Coach, Life Coach, and Wellness Coach.

Cheryl M

My first introduction to WRAP was seeking help for someone else. I soon realized that I needed WRAP for myself. Since creating and living my own WRAP, I am convinced that it is the key to maintaining the levels of wellness I have achieved. WRAP also helped propel me on a path I had chosen, to help bring wellness to Central Florida by establishing a local chapter of Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. My most fulfilling WRAP achievement has been to bring Introduction to WRAP to a local correctional facility. We are now expanding into that local community providing continued support and promotion of wellness as the foundation of personal change. I am exceedingly grateful for the personal fulfillment I have received in sharing WRAP with others and excited for the life changes that lie ahead. I am available to bring WRAP to you and your organizations.

Cheryl Sharp holds the unique perspective of a person who has recovered from significant mental health challenges, a trauma survivor, a family member of a loved one who died as a result of mental health challenges, and a provider of substance abuse and mental health services. Sharp received her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies followed by her Master’s Degree of Social Work specializing in health and aging.  Sharp has worked with adult trauma survivors for over 33 years training and speaking internationally on trauma-informed approaches and suicide prevention. She developed the National Council for Behavioral Health’s curriculum to create trauma-informed approaches within over 700 organizations across the country. She received a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) Voice Award in 2015 for her work and personal stories educating the public about trauma, behavioral health and suicide prevention and the Lou Ann Townsend Courage Award for her contributions to persons with psychiatric disabilities. Most recently she received the On Our Own of Maryland 2018 Achievement Award for her contributions to the Maryland’s State WRAP Outreach Project. Sharp believes in the limitless possibilities found within each of us to live our lives from a place of personal power.  She has been a longtime supporter of the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and serves on the Board of Directors.  She enjoys living her life to the fullest as a mother and grandmother in eastern North Carolina. Sharp is an avid gardener, reader, sailor, traveler and companion to her cat, Music.