Facilitator Directory

The WRAP Facilitator Directory offers connection with locally trained and certified WRAP Facilitators who can offer evidence-based practice WRAP workshops in your community.  To be listed in this directory, you must have successfully completed the five-day WRAP Facilitator training offered by the Copeland Center or a current Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator of the Copeland Center. Once listed, refresher training requirements must be met to maintain your listing in the directory. 

The directory is designed to fill a need for local resource availability for people seeking WRAP groups. The Copeland Center had to make a sizable investment in technology to get the registry up and running. It is primarily designed for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators to participate by purchasing bulk listings for their trainees. Because it takes investigation into each individual request that does not come directly through an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, the Copeland Center has to do detective work to ensure that individuals were properly trained by qualified trainers and this requires a fee. We encourage WRAP Facilitators to request that their trainers contact the Copeland Center to purchase spaces in the registry and therefore eliminate the research required for an individual request and help make it as affordable as possible to both Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators and WRAP Facilitators.  If you qualify to be listed in the directory, please contact the organization or Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator who provided your training.  Current Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators who want to list people they have trained and provided refresher course to should contact us for more information.  

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Stephanie Y. Jack

Stephanie works as the Respite Team Lead at the PEERS for Hope House in Houston, the first peer-run crisis respite of its kind in the state of Texas. She has been facilitating WRAP presentations and leading WRAP support groups since 2016. Stephanie credits WRAP with helping her to succeed both personally and professionally and she loves collaborating with other WRAP facilitators to bring the concepts of WRAP to as many individuals in underserved communities as possible.

Steve works for the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust as a Peer Trainer (trainer, expert by experience) in their new Recovery College.

I am a state certified peer specialist and I work at Friendships Unlimited in Waukesha, which is a recovery center for adults living with mental illness. Waukesha county contracts with Lutheran Social Services (who oversees the Friendships program) to provide services to CCS consumers, and one of the services includes running WRAP groups. I am very proud and honored to have been able to be trained as a WRAP facilitator, and excited to be able to use my knowledge to assist others in their recovery journey.

Susan Chandler

As a WRAP facilitator and a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, I lead groups and work individually with clients at Wayside House, a Women's treatment center for women. I have been working in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field for more than 10 years and bring 25 years of personal recovery from both Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. I have a passion for working with individuals as they learn to advocate and empower themselves to develop their own tools, skills and plan for recovery.

I am very excited to become a part of the global WRAP community and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to further my facilitation skills through this process. I am continually learning and growing in my knowledge of recovery by sharing my experience, strength and hope with others. After learning the WRAP program I have great appreciation for the Values and Ethics of WRAP. It is my goal to help spread the WRAP trainings into more treatment centers, companies, and wherever WRAP can be beneficial.

Susan Folk

Susan is a WRAP Facilitator and Board Certified Life Coach, working for clients, to include paws4people. Having worked for the Federal Prison System for 31 years, Susan also uses her passion for wellness to help returning citizens with reentry challenges.

Susan Mckeon-Schaerr

I have loved presenting WRAP for over ten years. As a mental health nurse, it is the group I do that I see the reactions in so many faces of "Wow I really needed this". This work changes lives, and organizes the chaos. Knowing what to do and when, so helpful. It is the best tool I have seen to help people get in control of their lives and make them more manageable and that includes me!

Susan Terrell

Hi! I have been using using WRAP for 13 years. I originally learned to facilitate WRAP in Georgia as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) in 2003. I returned home to Alabama in 2011 and brought with me my GA CPS Training and my WRAP. I have worked as a CPS for JBS Mental Health Authority for 5 1/2 years. I am President of Wings Across Alabama. We are the consumer advocacy organization for Alabama. We are the official facilitator group of WRAP in Alabama. Please allow me to facilitate your future WRAP Groups. I live outside of Birmingham and will travel outside of the state.

Hi, My name is Tami Koons, I have completed the WRAP Facilitator training in January 2018. I come from a personal background of abuse, and alcoholism. I have not shared my story with many people for many decades. Now that I have I feel a very heavy load has been lifted. I have worked in the Human services field for 30+years and enjoy helping others through their struggles. Being introduced to WRAP will allow me to continue my work with others and myself.

Wellness is my passion, WRAP can help us all achieve and maintain this goal!

Tara Bevans

Recovery is a force of positive change and rediscovery. I believe that collectively, we possess the power to rise above stigma and provide one another with strength, hope and compassion at crossroads along our unique paths. Often, it is in our pain, we discover our greatest power and potential. I am a Peer Recovery Supporter for Substance Use Disorders in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. I am an ardent supporter of WRAP and believe it to be the “missing link” between treatment and long-term recovery.