Facilitator Directory

The WRAP Co-Facilitator Directory offers a connection with locally trained and certified WRAP Co-Facilitators who can offer evidence-based practice WRAP workshops in your community.  To be listed in this directory, you must have successfully completed the five-day in-person WRAP Co-Facilitator training offered by the Copeland Center or a current Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitator of the Copeland Center. Once listed, refresher training requirements must be met to maintain your listing in the directory.  Due to COVID certification current as of January 1, 2020, will be maintained.

The directory is designed to fill a need for local resource availability for people seeking WRAP groups. The Copeland Center had to make a sizable investment in technology to get the registry up and running. It is primarily designed for Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitators to participate by purchasing bulk listings for their trainees. Because it takes investigation into each individual request that does not come directly through an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, the Copeland Center has to do detective work to ensure that individuals were properly trained by qualified trainers and this requires a fee. We encourage WRAP Co-Facilitators to request that their trainers contact the Copeland Center to purchase spaces in the registry and therefore eliminate the research required for an individual request and help make it as affordable as possible to both Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitators and WRAP Co-Facilitators.  If you qualify to be listed in the directory, please contact the organization or Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitator who provided your training.  Current Advanced Level WRAP® Co-Facilitators who want to list people they have trained and provided refresher courses should contact us for more information.  

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Timothy Duell

My Name is Timothy Duell I have My Bachelor in Social Work CSAC-A, Certified Peer Specialist and WHAM facilitor and WRAP as well . I am 28 years clean and absolutely love Recovery I currently work for a Wonderful Agency in Durham Married and have 5 Beautiful kids, I am the program Manager for the company and extremely grateful.

Tina Duffy

I am a mental health nurse and also have lived experience of mental health challenges. I am currently employed as as a Recovery College Coordinator on a cross border mental health project in Ireland. I have extensive experience of delivering training and education as a Training Officer and Further Education Lecturer alongside working in recovery orientated mental health services. I have a real passion for recovery and wellness. WRAP is a very special program, I am delighted to be able to support individuals on their journey to recovery and self knowledge.

Hello! My Name is Toki Holden. I am a certified W.R.A.P. facilitator and current Peer Support Specialist .I live in Henderson N.C. I was trained by Copeland Center.'s, advanced facilitators, Elliott Palmer Jr. and Kyneta Lee-Wright. I am a 15 year veteran in the mental health and substance abuse field.

Torsha Lynch

My name is Torsha Lynch. I am a Certified WRAP Facilitator in Raleigh North Carolina. I was trained by the Copeland Center Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators Elliot Palmer & Kyneta Lee. I have life lived experiences in mental health and drug addiction. Once I was introduced to Wrap, I applied it to my life and boy did I get results.

Tracey Mitchell is a settler in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 Territory, the homeland of the Cree and Métis peoples. Tracey works as a Peer Support Mentor with Saskatchewan Health Authority, where she mentors other peer supporters and supports the development of peer support programs throughout the province. Facilitating WRAP is one of Tracey’s favourite things to do. She is currently working on a WRAP scrapbook using art journaling techniques, one of her favourite wellness tools.

Tracy Gray

My name is Tracy Gray and I am a Lead Peer Educator working with Innovation Recovery Project. I deliver educational programmes to aid recovery and to build mental health resilience and well-being. I have a background in training and education and a Degree in Community Development. I have worked within the community and voluntary sector for 20 years designing and delivering community based projects. I was first introduced to WRAP in November 2018 and after completing my WRAP Level 1 course I have really integrated the WRAP concept and values into both my personal and professional life. WRAP empowered me to regain personal responsibility and to know that I am the expert in myself.

Tracy is a proud Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator located in Somerset, Pennsylvania.  She enjoys providing WRAP® trainings to behavioral health professionals and consumers and has personally lived WRA

Valerie A. Crabbe

Passionate, Peer Support Specialist.
WRAP Facilitator.
Behavioral health Technician.
Mental health Technician.
Looking not to give you a fish,
But suggesting how you can learn to fish!

Valerie Stone

I am a Certified Peer Specialist of 7.5 years and a CPS Supervisor 1.5 years. I currently oversee the Peer Program along with another CPS Supervisor at WCSI. I am now one of four WRAP Co-Facilitators at WCSI.I advocate for all individuals in many capacities. I enjoy this work and the developments that are unfolding for future outreach to provide WRAP and Peer Support ongoing.

My name is Vanessa Compton, I am a Peer Personal Services Coordinator at Amador County Behavioral Health. Along with co-facilitating WRAP, my role includes community outreach and engagement, reducing mental health stigma and suicide prevention efforts in the county. I value the self-empowerment aspect of WRAP and I am grateful for the connections that are created when hosting a WRAP group.