Facilitator Directory

The WRAP Co-Facilitator Directory offers a connection with locally trained and certified WRAP Co-Facilitators who can offer evidence-based practice WRAP workshops in your community.  To be listed in this directory, you must have successfully completed the five-day in-person WRAP Co-Facilitator training offered by the Copeland Center or a current Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitator of the Copeland Center. Once listed, refresher training requirements must be met to maintain your listing in the directory.  Due to COVID certification current as of January 1, 2020, will be maintained.

The directory is designed to fill a need for local resource availability for people seeking WRAP groups. The Copeland Center had to make a sizable investment in technology to get the registry up and running. It is primarily designed for Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitators to participate by purchasing bulk listings for their trainees. Because it takes investigation into each individual request that does not come directly through an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, the Copeland Center has to do detective work to ensure that individuals were properly trained by qualified trainers and this requires a fee. We encourage WRAP Co-Facilitators to request that their trainers contact the Copeland Center to purchase spaces in the registry and therefore eliminate the research required for an individual request and help make it as affordable as possible to both Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitators and WRAP Co-Facilitators.  If you qualify to be listed in the directory, please contact the organization or Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitator who provided your training.  Current Advanced Level WRAP® Co-Facilitators who want to list people they have trained and provided refresher courses should contact us for more information.  

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Karyn Haag

I am a social worker, BSW graduate from the University of Victoria in BC, and I am currently working in mental health in Halifax, NS. Through my education, I developed a passion for anti-oppressive, strength-based, and harm reduction practices, and am excited to begin working with these skills that fit so well with WRAP facilitating.

Karynn M Fette

I am a Peer Support Specialist for the Olmsted County ACT team in Rochester MN. I have done Peer Support for almost 2 years and I truly enjoy my job and everyone I work with. I am married and have 4 grown children and live in Le Sueur MN. I feel that this program is extremely important and it has brought me where I am today.

As a peer staff, an MSW graduate, a supported employment specialist, and lifelong self-advocate, Kat Kline brings a diverse array of skills to the table. They are nonbinary transmasculine, and use "he" and "they" interchangeably. Currently, they work at Trilogy Behavioral Health in Chicago, where they run two peer-to-peer groups while managing a caseload, incorporating WRAP into their everyday life, and working as part of an IPS supported employment team.

Kathy Cash

I am a Certified WRAP Facilitator, a Certified Peer Support Specialist, a Vet to Vet Facilitator, a Veteran of the U.S. Army and a Baptist Minister, currently living in the Southern California area. The calling on my life is one of service and my passion in life is to support others in becoming their best self. Through the sharing of my lived experiences, I am able to encourage, support and inspire others (especially women) on their personal roads to recovery. Upon developing my own WRAP plan, I gained a powerful tool to help me be my best self on my own road to recovery. Using WRAP and the recovery concepts, I facilitate Veterans’ groups and faith-based groups as well as present various topics of wellness in conferences and workshops throughout the city.

Kathy White

Kathy White, BA, is the Peer Educator for a community services program in Southeastern Massachusetts. As a person with extensive lived experience in many life realms including mental health, Kathy willingly shares with others the fruitful steps in her journey to recovery, including development and daily application of a personal WRAP.

Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson is a passionate advocate for communities and the environment. For seven years, Katie facilitated WRAP groups with all different sorts of people and learned a termendous amount about herself, her wellness, and got to see all different approaches to hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support. As a systems thinker, Katie serves as the Director of Operations for Copeland Center. She lives in the mountains of Vermont with her spouse, young daughter, and 2 cats.

I work as a counselling co-ordinator and counsellor in a Family Resource Centre. I am mother to two adult children with enduring mental health difficulties. I have been involved with Cavan Monaghan Mental Health Services for many years and serve as Family Member on Cavan Monaghan Mental Health Team. I facilitate a weekly Wellness Group and I am a Tutor with University College Cork delivering their 1 year Level 6 Mental Health in the Community Course.

Keith James

Keith is a young Youth Advocate for Delaware CORE and uses his lived experience to help empower youth and young adults. Keith is an author and politician in the making.

Kellie Spencer

Kellie resides in Kansas City and serves as an implementation specialist and mental health advocate for the University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare. They directly support community mental health agencies in developing recovery oriented and strengths based programs that center the uniqueness, choice, and dignity of every individual seeking support from the system.

My name is Ken Timmerman. I have dealt with mental health challenges from an early age. After a very traumatic experience I had my first suicide attempt. I started drinking at age ten.I quit drinking when I was 20 but the strong feelings came back with a vengeance.

I graduated with a BS in counseling from Wayne State College. I struggled for many years. Then everything crashedand I lost everything. I was homeless for over 2 years. Then through pear support and WRAP things turned around.