Facilitator Directory

The WRAP Facilitator Directory offers connection with locally trained and certified WRAP Facilitators who can offer evidence-based practice WRAP workshops in your community.  To be listed in this directory, you must have successfully completed the five-day WRAP Facilitator training offered by the Copeland Center or a current Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator of the Copeland Center. Once listed, refresher training requirements must be met to maintain your listing in the directory. 

The directory is designed to fill a need for local resource availability for people seeking WRAP groups. The Copeland Center had to make a sizable investment in technology to get the registry up and running. It is primarily designed for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators to participate by purchasing bulk listings for their trainees. Because it takes investigation into each individual request that does not come directly through an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, the Copeland Center has to do detective work to ensure that individuals were properly trained by qualified trainers and this requires a fee. We encourage WRAP Facilitators to request that their trainers contact the Copeland Center to purchase spaces in the registry and therefore eliminate the research required for an individual request and help make it as affordable as possible to both Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators and WRAP Facilitators.  If you qualify to be listed in the directory, please contact the organization or Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator who provided your training.  Current Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators who want to list people they have trained and provided refresher course to should contact us for more information.  

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Hi my name is Amelia. I am so thankful for WRAP. What it has done for my life it has left me with hope of a better future and life of wellness and the tools I need to keep well. My life has not been easy and the journey was long. It is actually still very painful. But I now have the tools to cope and get well.

Amey Dettmer

Amey Dettmer is a Certified Peer Specialist and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, born and raised in rural Pennsylvania.  Amey is currently the Program Manager of Doors to Wellbeing National Consumer Technical Assistance Center, a program of the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. Previously, Amey has been employed as a CPS supervisor and CPS providing direct peer support in her community. As a mental health advocate in her local area, she has been filmed for public service announcements and featured on the front page of her local newspaper, giving voice to the importance of peer support and the possibilities of recovery and wellness. Amey is a person who credits her own wellness to the connection, mutual learning, and understanding that began in her life once she was introduced to like-minded peer supporters, wanting to impact changes within our mental health system.

Amie Bishop

Amie is a Master's level Mental Health and Certified Addictions Professional. With 10 years experience in the field, she is happy to have the knowledge of the Wellness and Recovery Action Planning tools to assist individuals with recovery efforts.

I work as a Mental Health Case Manager. I enjoy the people I work with and am blessed that they allow me to join them in their journey of recovery. I took the WRAP training in 2016. I am able to use it in my work career and personal life.

Amy M. Ramsey

Amy Ramey is president and chief executive officer of Columbus Relief a not-for-profit organization that serves those in poverty and homelessness. The mission is to journey into communities by inspiring people in bringing life transformational guidance. To collaborate with community relationships that lead to a self-sustaining life through spiritually support, life skills, employment skills, and peer mentoring.

Andrea Denise Barras

Andrea Barras is a youth peer support and currently works at Communicare. Andrea is currently working on her Bachelors in social work and would like to eventually be an art therapist. She has experience in behavioral health, domestic violence, DDID and transitional age youth. As a new WRAP facilitator she looks forward to spreading the wellness and recovery.

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is an Adult Peer Support Specialist and a WRAP Facilitator. She earned an undergraduate degree in Journalism at Indiana University and a Master of Arts in Teaching at Bellarmine University. She has worked as a special education teacher as well as in many different roles in business. She is now the program coordinator for the Bridgehaven Center for Peer Excellence in Louisville, Kentucky. She enjoys seeing people recover from serious mental illnesses and turn their lives around. WRAP has been important to her recovery and she believes it is something that can help anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

I am a Certified Peer Specialist for Adult Services at Life Management Center of Northwest Florida in Bay County, Florida.

Hello, my name is Angela. I am a WRAP facilitator and have been since 2013. I think it is a great resource to use in multiple ways. I personally have used it for my own mental health and other ways. I want to spread the word about WRAP.

My name is Angie Menard. I am a native Vermonter and have spent my whole life living within the Chittenden County area. I have my Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Vermont and currently work as a clinician through a Howard Center mental health and substance abuse program. I found WRAP through my work experience and have since then incorporated the concept and values of WRAP into my personal life, as well as introduced the practice of WRAP to those I care about.