Wendy Risby

WRAP Facilitator
Claudy , LDY
United Kingdom

I was first introduced to WRAP working with Western Trust Recovery College in 2014. I completed my own WRAP and feel I can now identify What I'm like when I'm Well, Things I need to do everyday to stay well and things I might need to do occasionally. I have a wellness toolbox which includes gardening, walking, learning new things and several more. I believe everyone should complete a WRAP plan as it's a good tool to help you recognise when you are well, your triggers, early warning signs and when things are breaking down so your can refer to your WRAP and look what you are not doing if things change in your life to avoid crisis. I have completed WRAP facilitator training and refreshed last year. I have been delivering WRAP for 3 years now and I feel privileged with all the groups that I have been able to meet and learn from. I have a firm belief in WRAP as it helped me maintain my own wellness but also I have seen the growth in others who have attended WRAP level 1 that has resulted in changes, improvement in their recovery journey.